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One night we went for dinner with Sen and Giap good friends of Sunny and Ken. We had dinner and drinks at an attractive restaurant. There were also some friends of Giap with us, Nik the Malaysian Chinese and his Thai bird Nong. I was glad to have someone to speak Chinese with as Nik like most Chinese Malays spoke fluent Mandarin. Nong didn’t impress me at all. She had tattoos on her back, neck and hand these were all proudly exposed for all the men to see. I don’t think I’m conservative but tattoos in most of Asia mean something, usually underworld, they’re not just decorations. I asked her what her tattoos meant “Oh nothing in particular. I just thought they look cool, besides most girls in my workplace have em’” she worked in a bar or club or something of the sort.

The restaurant was not allowed to serve alcohol at the time to honour the King of something but they brought us vodka and scotch anyway in soda bottles. A young man and a girl preformed some Thai pop songs with a guitar and tambourine. Sen was a friendly chirpy little Thai bird in fact she was downright cute. I asked her is she was a student. “Yes, but I’m working now too.” She giggled she looked 20ish. Giap was a fair bit older he was a funny little guy about mid-thirtish with a gleam in his eye when he drank hard. “So how did you guys meet?” I asked “Oh it’s so funny!” Sunny said “Sen was sitting with her schoolmates at a pub when Giap came up and asked her for her number” Sen was giggling and nodding “Why you son of a gun” I winked.

The waiters were a bit curious in this establishment a couple of them were mincing about and holding themselves delicately and two were confirmed transsexual mingers. They were fiercely ugly. I’ve never met an attractive or even normal looking transsexual and I’ve met plenty. It sort of made me lose my appetite I couldn’t help but look twice. Most people subconsciously stare at curiosities and these things looked like circus side shows, maybe it was part of the restaurant entertainment.

After supper we went for some entertainment. The girls went to a bowling alley and the men well, Giap was going to take us somewhere. I was feeling pretty good till we went into a local club type establishment that had red neon lighting “oh great this again..” I thought. Sue enough, it was a Karaoke parlour in the lobby were about 20 girls in matching red miniskirts we were led upstairs by the madame. The room we were brought to was dimly lit with plush sofas, a large television screen, and coffee table. It’s all the same in most parts of Asia and I was used to the whole ridiculous routine. The madame was an ugly middle aged transvestite it/she/he took an immediate liking to Ken who was still buff from police service. I don’t think I’m homophobic but to have a ferociously hideous aging man masquerading as a woman come kneeling between my legs and start stroking my inner thighs is not my idea of funny. Our SEA friends Giap and Nik seemed to think it was the funniest thing in the world. I went downstairs with Nik to choose some girls to join us. I had a hard time choosing we discussed our choices in Chinese and pointed and picked. “Oh well..that’s the way they do things here.” I thought, I tried to get some eye contact and a smile from them at least before selecting.

They came up and the party started. I don’t really get the point of Karaoke clubs, I’d never pay to patronize one. Paying to make a fool of yourself in front of girls who are paid to laugh and pour as much scotch, that you pay plenty for, as possible. Still, it was Giap’s idea of a good time and he was picking up the tab so I wasn’t going to complain. We let the Giap and Nik do the singing and I drank the scotch and tried to talk to the girls. It was a bit difficult as they only spoke Thai and didn’t seem to be the brightest bulbs. These kind of places seem rather seedy but nothing much was happening that wouldn’t happen in a dance club. The girl on Ken’s shoulder seemed sweet so I motioned her over “What’s your name?” I leaned over and spoke in her ear. I asked for her number. Mai already gave it to Ken but didn’t hesitate to write it on a napkin and hand it to me with a wink. There was a lot of giggling and tone deaf bellowing. Every once in a while the madame thing would pop in to try to fondle us, I wanted to slap its leering mug. I looked over at Giap, the old goat had his hands full. Fortunately we got a call from the girls who wanted to meet us. By now I was getting fed up with the whole scene. As we were leaving I kissed Mai and told her I’d call her sometime. She was quite surprised and pleased, as Thais don’t really kiss with the lips. The Thai kiss is a sort of Eskimo kiss type affair sticking your noses to each others faces and sniffing hard and passionately (kinda like Simba and Nala in Lion King) it doesn’t really appeal to me.

“What is this?” Sunny was asking Ken suspiciously as we met them in the front. Sen was just giggling “its what Thai men do” she said with a knowing smile.

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photo by: rintjez