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take it easy sabai sabai!

After I had been lounging about a couple of days I decided to start some work. In Thailand the main credo of life is Sabai-Sabai, which is basically, feel good. This goes for practically every aspect of life in Thailand so its little wonder that the work ethic of Thais is not exactly puritan ethic. Anyway, It’s so hot that in mid-day everyone is lying in their hammocks for siesta. Thais aren’t very stressed about much in life which took awhile for a hardworking, clock watching, foot tapping, jap like me to get used to.

This day I was to go out canvassing/fundraising for the organization with Sunny. I got all smart looking, Thais take appearance very seriously, leather shoes, khakis, pressed shirt and all and went to the call Sunny.

She was dolled up and ready to go we stepped out the gate onto the soi (lane) and waited for the song teaow (pickup minivan). The ride to the end of the soi cost about 3 baht there we caught a van to Rangsit (northeast Bangkok). On the way I found out more about Sunny. She is what they call here a look-krueng (half-blood) her mum is Thai and her Dad is American. Her skin was tanned her features were soft she looked about 16 years old but was 19. “I was born here and spent most of my life here” she told me, “I don’t mind but sometimes I’d like to go to other places too…” she said in a squeaky lisp. I thought she was cute and dear in a childish way.

We entered a small office of a printing firm. There was a Buddha icon box in the corner and a Chinese calendar on the wall, “just like Taiwan” I thought.

Sunny went up to a employee and gave a wai (palms together bow the head) a Thai greeting “Sawadee kah” she crooned in an exaggerated coquettish tone and asked for the manager. I thought it was a bit over the top, like those Thai Air advertisements, but I thought I might as well go with it. “When in Rome do as the Romans” and all that so I put my hands together copied the whole whining nasal tone. Luckily I have a bit of natural talent in imitating and but the time I lifted my wai-ing head I saw smiling faces and coy looks from men and women. Apart from soldiers, macho country people and boxers Thais are all demure. I don’t have a problem with that at least its better than aggressive people.

Sunny was batting her eyes and purring away at the director in Thai. To me it seemed kinda heavy on the flirtation but the middle-aged director acted like as if it was the expected protocol.

khao phat
I guess that’s what they consider feminine here, so why not? Japanese women are very feminine as well. I think true femininity is a combination of maturity, self- respect, and sensual grace.

At lunch we went to the food court at the top level of Rangsit Mall. We got our tokens at the booth and went to a vendor for some Khao phat (Thai fried rice) its basically like Chinese just the rice grains are longer and its more spicy (fresh coriander, hot chilies etc). Thais also put a fried egg on top and you can take as much raw onion, leeks, garlic and chili (in a saucer) that you wish to compliment your breath with.  The food court was clean in fact for the economic standard of life in Thailand the hygiene is quite good about three/two times better than China.

At the end of the day we got a city bus at the Mall. The Bus was old and the interior was wood. The yellow- shirted ticket conductor (about half the population wears yellow shirts) came to sell us tickets. He held a long steel-segmented cylinder that he kept all the change in different denominations, he flipped open the lid with a flick of his wrist. I stared at this action for a while as we crawled around at a snails pace. The traffic in Bangkok is dreadful (it reminded me of Taipei) the bus had no air conditioning so I sweat buckets in the heat.

We got back around 5:30pm.I changed my clothes and went out to play ball with Ken.        

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take it easy sabai sabai!
take it easy sabai sabai!
khao phat
khao phat
photo by: Deats