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It's raining books!

In the summer I went to the supplementary Chinese course in the university but this was less than a challenge. I was getting bored so I went to a so-called “Language Institute” and took a diploma course in teaching ESL.

The class was made of US retirees English teachers and so on there was only one other young person( a Californian girl). The grammar/theory lessons were a bore, I can’t stand all the meta-language.

Just an example of the supercilious nonsense these folks were up to, for the exam of theory we had to write a paper in a “collegiate manner” about the meaning of language. I wrote a length treatise about how language is only mere verbal interpretations of electric impulses leaping across synapses in the brain.

of learning there is no end....
In actuality I was just quoting some pompous BBC documentary my little brother was watching. I had added a liberal amount of scientific jargon I took from a thesaurus so it looked very intimidating. Instead of admitting she didn’t understand a word of the junk I’d written my instructor praised my “progressive ideas”, many teachers are merely over-educated, over-paid, over-the-hill, and over-here.

After all that theory baloney we had 21 hrs of class teaching in different settings from primary to high school we also taught adults in groups and one-on-one in the Language school. These classes were observed by the other trainees and evaluated by the teacher as well, this all affected the grades. For me it wasn't a problem as I’d taught before, I scored especially high with teaching children.

The course was somewhat interesting but not really necessary as I didn’t learn anything new.  The "language institute" was a regular racket, the teachers seemed to be in a contest overawe each other and the pupils (who were shelling out copius amounts of cash) with their bloated lexis.

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Its raining books!
It's raining books!
of learning there is no end....
of learning there is no end....