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ahh country life..

“There’s a youth program done by some friends of mine up in Khon Kaen. Ken and I are going you wanna come with?” Sunny asked me, “you can meet my sister” she added with a wink. After being in Bangkok for awhile I thought a breath of fresh air in the country would good, actually I also was kinda curious about the sister.

So off I went along with Ken Sunny and her brother to Morchit bus terminal to catch the bus to Khon Kaen in Issan province. We pulled out of Bangkok about 2pm and arrived in Khon Kaen there late at night. On the way we passed Korat the only sizable city along the way.

Issan is not a popular tourist destination. It’s the most populous but poorest  province most of the people are peasants and the majority of the prostitutes in Patpong etc. are dark Issan girls. I didn’t see anything particularly beautiful in the dry flat northeastern state.

At the station we took the song-teow to a suburb where of large villas and houses. At the gate to meet us was Sunny’s half-sister Sai. There were plenty of hugs around and their two large Labradors were sniffing and slobbering us up. I was looking at Sai, she was dark for a look-krueng (darker than me) taller and with sharper features than Sunny. She soon caught me looking at her “Hi there…I’m…” “yeah, I know” She smiled  “I heard about you” she said as she slinked off. 

Once inside their center I met a couple of japs, which took me by surprise, you never know when these guys will pop up. “Uh yeah so what are you doing here man?” I asked one poor lost looking countryman. “ Uh yeah right.. don’t really know uh…” He had thick hair going everywhere like Beethoven or something his eyes where also going everywhere. “So are you enjoying life here in Thailand?” I asked “ uhh right.. yeah why not? I mean before… it was real tough… but hopefully its getting better…yeah” “How do you mean by tough?” I had a hard time understanding him he looked he was high “ Well.. I mean like some..things.. came up and stuff” I didn’t hear what those things were cause in walked his girlfriend a furiously red-headed freckled american bird, his face went from yellow to white I thought he was going to faint. “And how goes it with you sister?” I said charmingly as I gave her an affectionate hug. She didn’t answer she just raised one eyebrow cocked her head to the side. I thought it would be a good time to step out for a drink of water.

In the kitchen I saw a little fellow with spectacles digging around a cupboard. “Hey there..” I put on a patronizingly sweet tone. “Hello, you must be new around here” I was surprised to find a techno-geek from Tokyo talking back instead of a boy up past his bedtime. “You’re from Japan? Great.. I was just...” He went on, I nodded “ I’ll just go wash my cup” I said and left. Standing in front of the sink was Sai she was wearing a blue skirt her legs were long, firm, and tanned. “So where do you come from?” I asked as I handed her my plastic cup.  

The next day I was out with Sai at the university of Khon Kaen we were meeting students and personally inviting them to the youth event they were holding that evening on campus. The students were sweet smiling people they all said they’d love to come. Thais never turn you down but they don’t always show up either. I was just enjoying getting to know the young people in Khon Kaen (they’re a lot less sophisticated then in Bangkok) I was also getting to know more about Sai. “My mom is Indonesian, that’s why I’m dark” she said “charming..really” I smiled as I handed a photocopied flyer to a passing  student.

In the evening the little event started. They had rented a room in a hall and had set up a sort of stage with the band equipment on far end. Jean was a large american who liked the sound of his own voice and his big expensive guitar he had a  dark little sidekick and a Thai friend backing him up. My muddlehaired countryman was providing the beat. After watching them for a bit it was time for all the other ESL stuff like icebreaker games, dances, getting people to laugh etc it was all old stuff for me. I acted in an impromptu sketch with some sort of moral value but it a bit vague. At the end we just went around and talked. Everyone seemed to have a good time the students were laughing at my Thai and asking me about Japan. I had a smashing pair of green tennis shoes that got alot of compliments, Thais go wild over colours. By the time we were packed to go it was midnight.   

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ahh country life..
ahh country life..
Khon Kaen
photo by: ivy