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I had been calling Mai a couple of times and now I was going to meet her out. I arrived at the mall early and stood in the entrance to get the air-conditioning. I was wearing a pure white cotton shirt I got in Chaing Mai night market (I didn’t want to sweat on that) jeans and leather shoes. She seemed quite impressed at my effort as here most people walk around in flip-flops and shorts. She was wearing a black top and a pink miniskirt, very Thai very cute.

I took her to a Mister Doughnut shop for a coffee. I looked across the table at her and smiled “So you’re studying Japanese?” “Chai” she nodded sipping her iced coffee. “Well do you have a notebook and pen? I’d be glad to teach you a few phrases” I finished my cruller while she pulled her stuff out of her handbag. “Alright then lets start..” I went on to review the basics she knew and taught her some additional words. “Where do you live?” she asked nibbling her drinking straw. “Oh.. I’m staying with Ken and his family. What about you?” I asked her “My parents live in town but I live out by the university.” “In a dorm or a flat?” “I have a flat for myself. I can afford it now that I’m working” she winked at me. After more smiling, laughing, and talking I suggested we go somewhere else. “You’ll take me to your place?” she asked suggestively. I thought fast “No, that wouldn’t be a good idea” I didn’t want to draw attention back home “lets go to your flat.”

Soon I was holding her hand as we sat in a taxi crawling along in the evening traffic. Her flat was in a student apartment type building, frugal and narrow but clean. Her room was like her cute and pink. The first thing I asked for was to put on the air conditioner. We went passed her bed and sat on the sofa. We watched a bit of Thai soap opera which generally consists of sexy look-kreung girls seducing, shrill Thai wives screaming, macho Thai guys slapping etc. On her bathroom door wall were pictures of her and other girls “who’s that?” I pointed to a pretty face “oh a friend” she shrugged. I was getting bored “Come, let’s go to bed” I said. Her bed was fluffy and pink the pillowcases had Hello Kitty designs. We sank into the soft duvet her head was on my chest her long hair flowed over me.

Later a random girl popped in “uh..hi there” I said coming out of the bathroom. “Hi” said the neighbour “Say Mai, lets go get some supper, hey who’s this foriegn guy?”She didn't know I could speak Thai, “He’s from Japan” Mai bragged. The other girl looked enviously on “Well, I’ll see you then, bye” “Bye”. “I have to go now” I said, It was getting late, “Ok, I have to get ready for work” she said matter-of-factly. I put my arm around her waist as we walked outside, Thais are not openly affectionate amongst themselves but most Thai girls secretly daydream about having a young foreign man hold them on the sidewalk, that made her as happy as a kitten. I gave her a kiss and off I went down the soi with my hands in my pockets and my shirt buttons open.

It was a languid, flowing satisfied sensation I had, one you could only get in an exotic peaceful land. I felt irresistibly drawn to this beautiful place and these soft smiling people. The hot night air made me break into a sweat, the smell from sidewalk grills, the roaring of motorscooters, the laughing of children, the shy eyes of young women it was a feast for my senses. I took it all in, all this in a soi in Bangkok. 

skydiver says:
Reading your Blog is like reading a chapter of a novell.
Posted on: Jan 21, 2008
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