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Mike and Bridget at Posada de Don Rodrigo

Don Alfonso, the captain of the Titanic took us back to Panajachel around noon. We had lunch at La Posada de Don Rodrigo. The place was really nice and we got a seat on the second floor where we could see the lake and the volcanoes. The food was the by now familiar churrasco and it was really good. We also were able to see two guys playing the marimba at the hotel.

After lunch we headed to the main street to do more shopping. We spend a couple of hours doing this when we decided it was time to go back to the hotel. Just when we all got together Perla received a call from the Panajachel police. They informed her that they found the missing person and that they had it at the police station.

The boyz at Posada de Don Rodrigo
Perla and Christian hopped into a tuc tuc and headed to the police station while I stayed with the rest. We continued shopping while waiting for them to return.

Half an hour later they came back, but they were not alone. A little girl holding a puppy was with them. Perla introduced us to her and informed us that they were going to spend the night with us. She said the mother was in the hospital and that she and Christian were going to go back to see that she was okay. In the meantime we were supossed to go back to the hotel with me in charge of the little girl and the puppy.

Once again we boarded the Titanic and headed back to the hotel. At this point I was a little concerned about bringing a puppy into the room, but I really didn't have much choice. I also had to ask for an extra dinner for the little girl since the dinner was family style.

Waiting for lunch
Before I continue I have to mention that the staff at Casa del Mundo were very accomodating and understanding about the wholes situation. Thanks Ivan, Oscar and Soralia!

Christian and Perly came back from the hospital just in time for dinner and quickly put us up to date as to what was happening with bipolar lady. According to them when they arrive at the station they found the lady making a big scene with the cops. She was claiming that she had an abortion and she was lifting her skirt as a proof. Unfortunately, the only thing she proved was that she didn't have any underwear. That's when they notice the litttle girl sitting on the sidewalk shaking and visibly very afraid.

They explained to the lady who they were and she recognized them instantly. At this point the cops approached them and said that because of the whole abortion thing they had no choice but to send her to the hospital to examine her.

View from Posada de Don Rodrigo
Christian and Perly offered to stay with the little girl while she was in the hospital and bipolar lady agreed happily almost as if she knew that the girl was going to be better with them than with her. The cops also thought it was a good idea and that's how we came to be in charge of the little girl for the next 24 hours.

After leaving the girl with us Perla and Christian arrived at the Solola hospital 20 minutes away from Panajachel. According to Perla the place was a real shame. In the emergency they had serveral people separated only by an old and filthy curtain. There were no name tags on the beds or any visible way to know where a patient was other than going bed by bed peeking inside the curtain. Apparently a group of italian tourists just got into a car accident because in the first two curtains they opened they found an italian couple with severe injuries going trough some very serious pain.

Marimba in action
  Finally they found bipolar lady in the last bed. The nurse informed them that for whatever test they were going to do on her she had to ingest a good amount of water, but that the hospital didn't provide the water. They ran out to buy some water for the test and then informed bipolar lady that they had to go, but that they will be back in the morning.

We were exhausted at dinner, but we were trying not to show it to try to make the little girl feel more comfortable. We even asked the guys at the hotel to bring some cake for her since her birthday just recently passed. After dinner we phoned Perla's uncle to let her know the situation. He was relieved to know that we had the little girl. We thought he was going to come to Panajachel to pick the little girl and bipolar lady, but to our surprise he asked us to bring the little girl back with us since we were returning to Antigua the next day.

The little girl and the infamous puppy.
We were not thrilled, but we agreed.

Before going to bed Perla called the hospital to see how bipolar lady was. The problem is that bipolar lady wasn't there anymore. Nobody knew where she was or when she left but they were pretty sure she wasn't there. We decided we couldn't do much more today so we decided to look into it the next day.

We put the little girl to bed, but the puppy who spent most of the day asleep wasn't in the mood to sleep. Right before turning the lights off he decided that the middle of the room was a good spot go go potty so he did. I quickly informed the little girl of the situation but she replied that she didn't know how to clean dog poo. She said she will gladly clean if it was dog pee, but since it was poo I should be the one doing the cleaning.

Saying goodbye to Don Alfonso captain of the Titanic
I wasn't thrilled, but i didn't want to argue with a 10 year old about poo and pee so I quickly cleaned the floor of the room.

The little puppy wouldn't give up so easily though. He cried all night and spent a lot of time trying to get in bed with us. We were not going to allow it since the little dog was infested with fleas as we were able to ascertain by all the scratching we were doing that night. Needless to say we didn't have a good night sleep.

To be continued in the next entry...


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Mike and Bridget at Posada de Don …
Mike and Bridget at Posada de Don…
The boyz at Posada de Don Rodrigo
The boyz at Posada de Don Rodrigo
Waiting for lunch
Waiting for lunch
View from Posada de Don Rodrigo
View from Posada de Don Rodrigo
Marimba in action
Marimba in action
The little girl and the infamous p…
The little girl and the infamous …
Saying goodbye to Don Alfonso capt…
Saying goodbye to Don Alfonso cap…
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