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The day after I turned 20, I flew to to London with my aunt. I was planning to move there on my own but I changed my plans and stayed only for ten days there. I looooove this city and had a great time exploring it.

// Oh the misfortunes!

Our flight from Oslo to London was so early in the morning I had, yet again, only two ours of sleep the night before. We arrived in London at 9 in the morning. Since I was planning to move to London, I had all my stuff with me and it was such a pain in the neck carrying them around. As I was pulling up the handle of my stroller bag, the heaviest one, I accidentaly broke it for pulling so hard. I tried to do something about it so I used my scarf to tie around the handle and so far it was working.

We took the coach and got off at Victoria. We couldn't find our hotel so I left my aunt at the bus stop and I asked for some people for directions while she was looking for our baggages. But I forgot the name of the hotel so I wasn't successful and went back to my aunt. She also asked some people and got some directions then we started moving.

Carrying all those baggages was extremely hard! My aunt only had one luggage but I brought 3 huge bags (one was a stroller but since I broke the handle I made the matters worse) and had one more shoulder bag with me. My aunt thankfully helped me carrying them but it was still very difficult that I had to stop every 20 seconds because it was just painful and exhausting.

The guy who told my aunt where our hotel is said that it was just around and there's no need to take a cab. Since it was difficult for us both to look for it, my aunt went for it and told me to stay and just wait for her to come back. I felt like I've waited there for hours standing though it was I think just 10 to 15 minutes. Bruuuuutal 15 minutes of my life. I saw no signs of her. Other tourists were walking pass by me and even asked for some directions though I was only in London for a couple of hours. They asked where the underground is and since I have walked pass by it earlier I was able to tell them.

I was really getting tired and feeling miserable so I called my aunt and asked where she was. She had just arrived at the hotel and told me to take the cab. So I did take the cab and paid 4 pounds though it was just down the street.

// First look at London

Finally, we were able to check in at the hotel and had a few minutes of rest. We were so hungry so we went out and looked for a place to eat. We walked back to the Victoria Station and met this middle-aged Filipina who lives in London. She showed us to this Filipino restaurant nearby and we ate there.

My aunt wanted to go home after to have some sleep but we tried to look around a bit. We bought our transportation tickets and got on a bus without having any planned destination at all. We got off at the bus stop near Harrods and went inside some of the shops close by. All of them were on sale and were so tempting so my aunt bought a jacket and she bought me a scarf too. We got it in a shop just beside Harrods. I have noticed some protesters in front of the main entrance of Harrods giving out flyers and shouting out their protests against the big time mall for still selling real fur. I got one of the flyers and saw some awful pictures of animals being skinned alive (and others were electricuted so as not to damage the fur). Good thing there are still people concerned with animal rights and are actually doing something about it.

We didn't stay long and went back to Victoria. We bought KFC take out and ate it in the hotel.

Extremely tired but relieved that finally we have the chance to rest..
darlingwish says:
no i dont because so many things have happened to me this year and i just didnt felt that that was the right time for me to move there. =) but i know im gonna come back again!
Posted on: Nov 29, 2007
dfoo says:
You had 3 bags? Haha. What were you carrying? Do you have any regrets of not moving to London now?
Posted on: Nov 28, 2007
darlingwish says:
yes a wheeled bag... is it different?? hehehehe! that is what we call in the philippines!
Posted on: Nov 01, 2007
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