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the monolith
Sept 27 2006

It was a cloudy day the first time I went to Frogner park. We took the t-bahn (Oslo subway) to Majorstua and from there we took the trikk and got off at the 2nd stop. Vigelands Park, the sculpture park of Oslo, is a part of the Frogner Park.

You should really see this amazing park when you visit Oslo. There are hundreds of different sclupture depicting people in various human activities.

At the main entrance of the park, there are large gates and small ones for pedestrians made out of iron and granite. Then there's the bridge where one of the scluptures you can find Sinnataggen (Little Angry Boy) . He is the one of the famous (if not the most) sculptures in the park. The other sights of the park includes The Children's Playground (where the statues are in the likeness of children playing), The Fountain, The Monolith and The Wheel of Life.

Too bad the weather didn't get any better and it started to get colder that day. We spent the rest of the afternoon in a coffee shop near the main gate of the park and we stayed there while sipping some hot coffee/cappuccino and chatting.

Oct 1 2006

The weather was nice the 2nd time I visited the Vigelands Park. It is always nice to hang around the park when it is sunny and a bit warm (considering it's already October). I went to the farther end of the park which I wasn't able to check out the first time I was there. I also shot more pictures of the park.
mellemel8 says:
i have been to norway but not to oslo.
Posted on: May 08, 2008
mario26 says:
nice my friend!!!
Posted on: Oct 30, 2007
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the monolith
the monolith
angry little boy
Sinnataggen. angry little boy
The Monolith in Oslo Vigelands Park
The Monolith in Oslo Vigelands Park
the bridge of frogner park with lo…
the bridge of frogner park with l…
nice sunny day.
finally, a nicer …
nice sunny day. finally, a nicer…
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