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phydie and me

Day 2 // October 28 2006

It was an amazing day. All nice and sunny. We left at noon again (we really couldn't wake up early hehe) and took the trikk (tram) and then t-bahn (subway/train) to Holmenkollen. Holmenkollen is in a higher elevation (on the hills). I have been their before but we took a car and that time it was really foggy so I had no idea what panomaric view of Oslo i missed to see. Holmenkollen is just outside the city of Oslo but not very far. You will find a ski jump there that has been used in the 2nd oldest ski jump competition ever.

Since I thought that going there would be easy if only I would find that tall ski jump and walk our way there then there's gonna be no problem.
Holmenkolle Ski Jump
I was wrong. We got off the Holmenkollen station and found no signs of the ski jump. It was hard to see from all the trees so we walked around the area until I finally gave up and asked a school boy where the way to the ski jump is. We walked back to the station and finally found our way.

I'm telling you, the view is amazing from up there. The sky was clear, and the color of the aumtumn leaves is magnificent! Holmenkollen ski jump is another must-see when going to Oslo! There weren't more than 15 tourists when we got there so too bad only a few us saw the beautiful scenery.

There was a souvenir shop there and Phydie bought some postcards and keychains. We tried to go inside the museum but our wallets told us that we couldn't afford the entrance fee *sigh*. (You might be thinking now that I'm poor, eh? hehe).

We left Holmenkollen and headed back to the city. Phydie asked me where the best place is to eat Norwegian delicacies but I really had no idea so I suggested eating something else. We ate pizza. LoL. Then Phydie wanted to eat outside the restaurant so we moved out. Not a very good idea since it was cold but we hanged on to it. Phydie couldn't help but notice the two girls kissing from the next table. But it wasn't a big deal at all. The pizza got cold immediately and we weren't able to finish them all.

After eating, we walked to the Royal Palace which was just nearby the restaurant we ate at. The guards were marching again and I asked Phydie to take a video of me marching behind the guards while they have their back on me. I wanted to take a picture beside one of the guards but I was shy and really couldn't stop from laughing.
october in homenkollen, oslo. not really august (wrong date)
I did get one picture with the guard but he was still marching so that wasn't a good shot.

We spent the rest of the afternoon until night time at the city center. I tried to buy a memory card for my camera but the store I went to only sells Memory Stick. My camera also uses memory stick aside from SD but I don't know why it wouldn't work on my camera. I had already bought the card but i changed it back and thankfully got a refund.

Anyway, we went clubbing that night but it didn't go so well. We only had been there for an hour when we were all asked to leave the club. We were so clueless since it was still early for the club to close. We still waited outside to see if we could come back but the club didn't let us in anymore. What happened? Some stupid drunk guy at the next disco club smoked in the cr and have put on the smoke alarm. Some people thought (I couldn't say everyone since most of us were totally clueless) there was a fire and the fire department even came. Bummer. Hehe.

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phydie and me
phydie and me
Holmenkolle Ski Jump
Holmenkolle Ski Jump
october in homenkollen, oslo. not …
october in homenkollen, oslo. not…
photo by: sarahsan