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rainy Oslo
My friend Phydie, who now lives in Hamburg Germany, visited me in Oslo. I toured her around the city for three days and we had a great time. She arrived at October 26 in Oslo and I picked her up at the Central Station (she took a train from the airport). It was our first meeting since we only got to know each other from the internet and good thing there wasn't even any akwardness between us at all. I was just a bit worried that she will realize that i *cough* don't really look good in person as i do in the pictures I've posted on the internet. But I gotta do what I gotta do and just had to show up. LoL.

Day 1 // October 27 2006

We left the house at around noon already on this cold rainy day.
phydie and i in front of the central staion in Oslo
It wasn't a good time to tour around at all but we don't really have a lot of time so we went anyway. We first went to Karljohan but we didn't walk all the way to the Royal Palace because it was almost freezing and it started to rain more. The one umbrella we brought wasn't even helping because the wind kept blowing to our face. Instead of having the umbrella above our heads, we held it in front of us and used it as a shield from the rain. I am an awful writer so please bear with my story telling. ^^

Halfway through Karljohan we went our way back and went inside the Oslo Central Station and then to Oslo City (mall). We went to some shops and looked around until we finally realized that staying there wouldn't do us anything good for we don't have enough money to go shopping, so we left. We went outside and took some pictures in front of the Central Station and then left for Aker Brygge.

In Aker Brygge, there are also some sculptures and huge stone figures (whatever you will call them) scattered in the area. And there's also the Akershus Festning (Fortress) but we didn't go there that day. Instead of going inside the hundred years old fortress we chose to hang out at McDonald's. It was cold and we couldn't stay out too long plus it was still raining a bit! ^^ But the view from inside Mcdo was nice (especially if it would be a nice sunny day!). We could still see the fortress from where we were sitting.

And then we walked some more until it started to get dark.

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rainy Oslo
rainy Oslo
phydie and i in front of the centr…
phydie and i in front of the cent…
photo by: sarahsan