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my flight to oslo flying over the netherlands
After packing my stuff for several weeks until the very last minute before I leave for my flight to Oslo (from Manila via Amsterdam), the time finally came for me to hop on the plane and start the first of a series of my travels. I only had a couple hours of sleep the night before but that didn't help me sleep on the plane at all. For the whole thirteen hours of flight from Manila to Amsterdam I was awake though really sleepy. I watched three movies (I was gonna go for four but my eyes gave up on me) and spent the rest of my time on the plane watching the view outside.

We flew over China, Russia and all the way from Eastern Europe to Amsterdam. I took lots of pictures of eveything I saw outside (they were mostly just clouds and almost looked entirely the same). I even saw Berlin and recognized the Brandenburg Gate from afar.

And then we finally landed in Amsterdam. I still had a couple of hours to spare before my connecting flight to Oslo departs so I used some of it and looked around the Schiphol airport. When I went to the comfort room I saw that both my eyes were bloodshot red from having no sleep. I took more pictures while I was heading to the gate and then I got lost. Well, not really lost but I went to the wrong gate because I have misread my boarding pass. I noticed that the gate I went to was totally desserted so I checked my boarding pass and found out that I went to the other end of the airport. So i made my way to the right gate but I was surprised that there were still only two people who have arrived before me.

I waited for half an hour before we got on the plane. When we arrived at Oslo, the crew of the plane said that it was 15*C that night (it was 23*C in Amsterdam) and I was kinda hoping that it would be higher than that since I still want a taste of late summer.

Anyway, we arrived at ten pm but the duty free shops were already closed. I looked for my auntie who lives in Oslo and was gonna pick me up but I saw no signs of her. I looked for her all around the airport and even went outside but I went back in again since I was feeling cold already. I sat down at the waiting area and waited for a few more minutes. I checked the address of my aunt that my mom gave me and asked for a map at the information desk. I tried to find where she lives but I had no idea where to start looking. I decided to exchange my 100 USD (i had to use the machine since the counters are already closed) and bought a phonecard and a botte of juice. I had no idea that Norway was expensive so I was surprised that with the 630+ kroner I had from my 100$ all that was left was a 500 kroner bill and some coins.

I tried to call my aunt but wasn't able to contact her so I called my mom and told her to call my aunt and said that I'm already at the aiport. It was my mom's fault after all because she told my aunt that I'm arriving the day after at 10am and not that night at 10pm. But the day endep up fine since my aunt had finally picked me up at 12:30 am. I was really tired after all that and for not having enough sleep for two days.

So that was how my flight went to Oslo. Time to explore the city but a good night sleep will really help me get back enough energy.

darlingwish says:
hahahaha thanks for the comments! i didnt expect this blog to get featured but wht! hahahaha
Posted on: May 09, 2008
nomaden says:
haha! a good mental thinking for a non sleeper like you.. ;) call mom to call untie.. sounds so filipino! ;) good job steph! ;)
Posted on: May 09, 2008
travelman727 says:
Way to go, Hanie! Congrats on being featured :-) I guess Lauro's starting to rub off on you :-D
Posted on: May 08, 2008
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my flight to oslo flying over the …
my flight to oslo flying over the…
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