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At some point - possibly Troy I think - we'd got a bit ruins'd out. Basically, they all look much the same. I guess if you're seriously into your archeology you'd probably enjoy spotting the particular features of different places, but to the untrained eyes wondering around, one fallen down wall looks much like another.
Pompeii was supposed to be a bit different, a bit special. With the surviving frescoes, and the sudden preservation of the city after the eruption - as well as the people - it was a bit beyond some scattered rocks. To an extent, this was true. The highlight of most people's trip to Pompeii seems to be the brothel, which was sadly closed for renovation's at the time we were there. There was plenty of other spots of interest, and it was definately a bit eerie looking at 2000 year old frescoes painted on wall's in people's houses as decorations. It's an interesting feeling, being able to look so closely and intimately at the lives and actions of people thousands of years gone.

A little advice for anyone considering the day trip to Pompeii from Rome idea. It's easy as anything to do, simply get the train from Rome to Naples, and follow the signs in Naples station to the circumvesuviana train - you need the Naples-Sorrento line, and it's pretty easy to find your way from there. If you aren't sure, well, you're not likely to be the only person heading to Pompeii, follow the crowds of backpacked, guidebook waving tourists. One little tip - don't be tempted to buy a ticket in Rome all the way to Pompeii. They, or the machines, will happily sell you a ticket, but this is to the new town of Pompeii, which is some distance from the ruins - you'll need to catch a bus from there. It's really not worth the hassle. You need to get your ticket from the circumvesuviana service windows or machines. Takes about 3 hours, the train trip to Naples is occasionally worth it, the view from the circumvesuviana is pretty good usually.
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photo by: Grpablo