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Tuesday, 10.9.07

I woke up feeling aweful. I had a fever and a headache. We had team building activities on deck. Afterwards I went back to bed. After dinner I was feeling better, plus the seas were calmer too. Meinhard and I sat on deck talking and gazing up at the stars. We had a really good conversation and I enjoyed talking with him. Also I was able to talk to Elizabeth a bit before watch was over. Then I went to bed.

Wednesday, 10.10.07

This afternoon we arrived in Ibiza. We picked up Roy - he’s the director of Mercy Trucks, an organization within Ywam. You could see huge mansions along the mountainside. I imagined who the rich people would be that owned them and how they acquired their money.

We continued sailing to the other side of the island and arrived at our new port at 4:30pm. Several people went swimming before dinner. The water was beautiful and green-blue. We went ashore for the evening. Duffy and I walked around exploring the town. It was quite quaint and very family oriented. Definitely not the party town that I had heard of. Most of the town shuts down after October, so just the locals were around.

Thursday, 10.11.07

At 10am we started taking dingy rides to shore. At 11am we had to be at the Zodiac, a local restaurant, for interviews. Several local TV stations and newspapers would be there for publicity and a press release. It was all very exciting. The Zodiac even provided for free a full brunch for all 30 of us. A storm was off in the distance.

We actually saw a tornado touch down in the water. During brunch the storm caught up to us. Our activities were slightly delayed. After the storm blew over, we jumped in jeeps that Roy arranged for us. The sun came out so we took off the jeeps tops and drove along the countryside. Ibiza is a much, much larger island than I imagined. We saw an amazing cathedral in Ibiza town. The views were breath-taking.

We also came to an abandoned bull fighting ring that was covered by graffiti. It was a sight to see. We all ran through the corridors taking photos and climbing about. That evening we arrived at Roy’s bungalow. He explained that he and his wife had purchased the property years earlier, but he found out that it was a scam and the property was not able to be built on… so their dream home along the mountainside could not be built.

Instead we found the tiniest of trailers hidden in the mountainside.

Roy had built a bathroom out of a hole in the ground. It was a real toilet, but didn’t flush. You simply poured water down to flush. It was quite rustic, but they had made it very quaint. There was a mismatch of tables and chairs, along with several camp fires to warm yourself by. I sit back and took it all in. I was humbled! They lived like this in order to completely serve the Lord. I imagined all that they must have given up - what a sacrifice they must of made. But to them it wasn’t a sacrifice at all. The loved living there and felt that the Lord was soo very close and brought joy to this place. I imagined if my dad had been there he’d be excited and love being there. Daniel Boone, indeed!

After the BBQ we packed up and jumped in the jeeps.

It was like a huge convoy tracing through the mountains. On the way back to the Zodiac, Roy received a phone call from a local Christian woman informing him of a dream she had the night before and that there was a RED ALERT on the island… that a huge storm was coming. She said that if it wasn’t safe for us to go back to the ship, we could all stay at her house. Once we were at shore, there was dangerously violent winds and it was starting to rain. We found shelter at the Zodiac while Brian, our captain, managed to make his way back on the boat despite the huge swells. Within the hour Brian telephoned telling us that we would not be able to board the ship and that he and the seven on board would have to sail the ship to a safer location. Within minutes of hearing the news, the locals offered us three free apartments to stay in.
God’s provisions were abundant!

We got a few supplies at the corner store, then walked to the apartments. There was 6 beds in each apartment - everyone had a place to sleep. I felt completely blessed because each apartment had a bath tub. Before going to bed, I was able to soak in the tub. It was amazing. I hadn’t taken a bath in over two months. I absolutely the splashing in the water, so I was in heaven. Once we settled in, we spent the next hour praying for Brian and the crew on board, along with the safety of the ship. We thanked God for his provisions and asked for a special blessing for everyone who offered their generosity. We were provided with free jeeps; we had a free brunch and dinner; and now a free place to stay. God is mighty and taking care of us.

Friday, 10.12.07

It was freezing this morning and pouring down rain. The wind was still very fierce and we were not able to go aboard the ship, so we spent another night at the apartments. Because we were on a limited budget, we had only toast and coffee for breakfast. Lunch was bread & water with a few slices of cheese. Dinner was omelets. No one complained - actually we were quite grateful for what we were given. Our teacher for the week was with us, so we started classes today inside that little apartment. Later we had heard that the local church was celebrating because this was an answer to over eight years of prayer. They had been asking God for a Ywam base in Ibiza and for a DTS, well we were it! They felt that there was huge significance in us being there and that God was moving.

Saturday, 10.13.07

The skies were starting to clear up. We had breakfast and worship on the patio. We spent the morning in prayer. Many of us sensed that something bad may happen and that the enemy was coming against us. Then we continued with classes. That afternoon we said “goodbye” and “thank you” to the locals whom we met and had helped us. I had met a lovely lady named Helena who worked at a nearby shop. Each day I would stop by the shop to chat and she how she was doing. I was able to leave her my email address, hoping we would stay in contact with each other. Then we all got in the jeeps and traveled across the island to where the boat was anchored. It was good to be back on board. We talked to the crew and heard how difficult it was for them.

Most everyone was sea sick and the whole ship was a mess. People’s belongings were scattered everywhere. Even our 800 lb. oven moved out from the wall. I was so thankful that I was not on board during the storm. That night I was able to get wifi from the boat. I received an email saying that my grandma died this past Thursday. I was in shock and very sad.

Sunday, 10.14.07

At breakfast we all gathered together and discussed what we experienced over the past few days. We celebrated that we all made it back together again safely. That evening we went ashore and offered an open boat to the locals. We had worship on the beach. Many people gathered around to listen. It was a great evening. I made a drawing in the sand of our ship.

Monday, 10.


Today was a sailing day. We moved to a different part of the island. After lunch we were given 2 ½ hours of free time. We could go ashore if we wanted, but only three people did. Everyone, including myself, stayed on board. I wrote out some postcards and took a nap before dinner. Not a very eventful day.

Tuesday, 10.16.07

This morning Roy spoke about the Mercy Trucks Ministry and how he needed volunteers to help him in Guinea-Bassau, Africa. A group of us will more than likely go there on outreach in January. Roy arranged a free lunch for us at a local restaurant that was built in 1816. It was beautiful! There was a chicken coop, many fruit orchards, an in ground swimming pool, and a BMX bike course in the woods. It rained all day, but I was still able to get some cool photos.

The meal was delicious. We were served pork that had been smoked in the ground. (see the picture)

When we got back to the beach, it was still sprinkling. Some of us were hoping to swim, but the weather was too dreary so we went back to the boat. Tonight we had a huge party for Brian - it’s his 50th birthday! John Paul and I presented a video that we created for him, while others gave him a bottle of whiskey. After dinner we played musical chairs and various other games. Everyone was happy to be together again and celebrating the day.

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photo by: kristinasub