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Here I am, on the first day off of the summer, at an internet cafe in Road Town.  No really, this is great.  I started off at the beach but just didn't feel like getting salty or sandy, so I branched out on my own and had a great lunch at Roti Palace, did some errands, and now am fiiiiiinally catching up on my emails.  I can't believe it's been 3 whole weeks.... seems like forever since we left the dock at the beginning of the session.  I had a great boat and I got along really well with my staff, so that was cool.  There wasn't anything majorly eventful, unless you count a few clinic runs that I would prefer to never have happened.  The main one involved backboarding one of my shipmates and sitting with her at the hospital for over 7 hours.  She ended up being fine, but it was pretty stressful and I'm still kind of rattled by it.  I'm not sure which was the best part of the whole night- walking around the hospital barefoot, sitting in the front of an ambulance with the driver while the EMT in the back yelled "slow down!" every two minutes, or listening to the the EMTs and CT scan attendant chat on their cell phones while we sat in the control room watching the CT computer.  Or then there was finally arriving back at the boat at midnight and trying to make PB+J sandwiches for dinner in the dark.  Anyhoo, it's all fine now and can be summed up as an "adventure" I guess.  But besides that my boat was really cool, they got along great, and we had a lot of fun.  I was sad to see them leave this morning.  We get our next group the day after tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will spend the day fooding the boats and typing the rest of the logs from last session and moving onto my new boat, Tengger.  I will be with a new skipper named Jake and a pretty new dive instructor Chris.  Should be fun though.  Look for Tengger blog updates and pics on the AQ website.  Unfortunately, my computer is toast.  So now it is very hard for me to check my email, let alone write back.  I can usually check it when I send the blogs every couple of days (from someone elses's computer), but I probably won't get to write back until the end of the next session.  But that said, please email me!!!  It's always nice to read emails mid-session, and I promise to write back on my next day off.  I hope everyone is doing well and having a good summer.  I will try to get some pics posted later but it may not happen, we'll see..... bye!!
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photo by: Andy99