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our combined tickets... I had eight boarding passes by the time I left
So it’s a couple days later, and luckily I am now writing from the salon of Ocean Star! Jay and I spent the night on the floor of the airport. Not the most comfortable, but mainly just cold. The airplane blankets we each had just weren’t enough. But we had a good time joking around with the other families sleeping on the floor next to us, including a mother and daughter from New York that never shut up and a five year old from Trinidad that announced “I’m Jasmine!!” every ten minutes. I slept more than I expected and got up around six to find the area filling up with people again. And all the flights being cancelled, again. So after a lot of running around to different counters and standing in lots of lines and talking to more people, I was put on a flight the next morning and Jay the next night! But as the afternoon progressed it looked like maybe they were going to fly, so we hung around and made sure we were on the standby lists.
Jay is really, really happy to be on the bus to the plane
And at 4 o’clock we got on a flight! The flight itself was pretty uneventful and only about twenty minutes long! So we spent almost 30 hours in the airport for a twenty minute flight! We were pretty excited to land as you might imagine. It was after six by the time we got to the dock and were greeted by Kate and Simon. After some takeout pizza on deck and a few welcome drinks we headed to bed. Yesterday I spent most of the day polishing the binnacle, one of my favorite jobs, and it was fun to walk around West End and say hi to people and see what has changed. Today I spent a good chunk of the day cleaning one of the food rooms. Then six more people arrived at the end of the day and we worked on cleaning out some more storerooms. We are now 15 people (!) and the pace will be ridiculously busy from now on, but I'm excited to meet all the new people and get the summer rolling.
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our combined tickets... I had eigh…
our combined tickets... I had eig…
Jay is really, really happy to be …
Jay is really, really happy to be…
the most beautiful sight ever
the most beautiful sight ever
I read 2 1/2 books and six magazin…
I read 2 1/2 books and six magazi…
Jay sleeping on the floor
Jay sleeping on the floor
view from the taxi
view from the taxi
photo by: Andy99