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Two weeks are gone since I first stepped foot on this beautiful island, and I haven't even begun to discover all that it has to offer. When I first arrived in Phuket I can honestly say that my first impression was not a good one. THIS WAS NOT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR!! However, after living in Phuket Town for a while I realize what a wonderful place this really is. Of course I was sucked into all the beautiful pictures of resorts which is not a representation of the place that I live. I am where the locals live, and this has made for a far more enriching and interesting experience. 

The first week of my time in Phuket involved a yearly Vegetarian Festival which was by far one of the most interesting, exciting, foreign, disgusting, and beautiful things I've ever seen. Some people participating in the festival practice self mutiliation during the morning processions between temples. They are selected by their towns people and must be a "Good Person" to become the temporary home for powerful Gods. I can honestly say I had never seen someone walking down the street with an umbrella through their cheek prior to this. How fantastic! In addition to the free show, the food at the festival was amazing! (Be careful of all the curry, its easy to get carried away and make yourself very ill.)

The first beach I stepped foot on in Phuket was Patong. Its a great place if you are into the tourist thing and have no problem with being harrassed by people trying to sell you knock off everything. The beach is nice, but I don't think its worth dealing with the high prices. Nai Han beach on the south end of the island is much more secluded and far more beautiful than anything in Patong. I would recommend it for watching the sunset and relaxing in a quiet lounge all day. There are no annoying sales people to bother you while you relax. (except for the ice cream lady every couple of hours, but she is always welcome in my world...LOL)

On Saturday I went to the Phuket Aquarium which made for an interesting day. Although it was much smaller than I would of thought, I did enjoy myself. The science and nature trail made for a nice brisk walk and the scenery outside the Aquarium is incredible.

Two weeks left and I still feel like I have so much to do! I will report back on other beaches that I may try this weekend. My last weekend...SAD! Until then CHEERS!

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photo by: Aclay01