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Driving from Amman Beach along the Dead Sea is yet another display of the instability of the region. Israel and Jordan may have a peace treaty and do recognise each others borders but they still dont really trust each other. Hence you see one military installation after the other along the shores of the Dead Sea of course no pictures camera is kept away from the eyes of the military personnel.


But the drive is still interesting seeing how there is salt all along the shore of the Dead Sea. Then the road turns away from the Dead Sea and uphill again. The drive is first taking us to sea level and then still higher to some mountains in Jordan with a spectacular view across the nearby dessert landscapes.


The destination for the day is Wadi Musa. It is a small village in Jordan were Moses according to local legend struck a stick to produce a small stream. This may or may not be accurate but there is a small stream flowing in the village producing the water supply need to survive in this area.


I get to the hotel and get into a decent room. Then I go to the next door shop to see what the price of water is in this town. After the Dead Sea I am a bit nervous about this but it turns out to be a lot cheaper around Wadi Musa hence I stock up on water for the night and the next morning where it will be a full day in Petra.

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Wadi Musa
photo by: Sele