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Coming to the last day of a trip always involves some mixed emotions for me. I want to keep travelling - but on the other hand it is also nice to get home. The last day is usually a day where I can’t really find something to do - this day is the same. I just go get breakfast go to the internet and that’s pretty much all I can get around to before I have to leave at noon. Well the fact that I am not a really big fan of Cairo with the heat, the smog and the general traffic madness.


I get a taxi to go to the airport like everything in Egypt this takes time - because you have to barging about the price otherwise you will get ripped of. I heard several stories about people paying 40 dollars to go from the airport to the centre - a trip that should cost about 5-10 dollars depending on your bargaining skills.


Driving is interesting in Cairo. They have painted some dotted lines on the asphalt - in the rest of the world this is used to indicate the separation of different lanes on the road. I don’t know what these lines mean in Cairo but they surely don’t have any function as a separation of different lanes. On the contrary if you got a road with 3 lines then you will have one car really close to the left one and another car really close to the right one. This leaves a space in-between the two cars which can be used by a third car which then aim to have the middle of the lines just between the two tyres. This way the locals have help solve the traffic problems in Cairo they have simply increase the capacity of the road by 50 percent.


I get to the airport - luckily I arrive early. Because my driver got no clue how to get to terminal 2 and we keeps driving back and forth to places we definitely should not go. He asks for direction and then we get back to the place we where just before - and we are still lost. He makes a couple of more turns and we get lost in a different place. Now he asks direction - again. A man gets into the car and we finally get to the right terminal.


I get check in - like always this takes a long time. And I get into the main area of the airport - and now I am back in my usual world. The prices have just gone up 3 times from the usual prices in Egypt. Even the duty free is expensive 13 dollars for a bottle of Smirnoff - I mean at the Turkish Syrian border it only cost 8 dollars. Then I get in to the restaurant area and try to get lunch. I only want to spend the last of my Egyptian pounds. This turns out to be a big problem I am broke with the prices in here. The only thing I can afford is a slice of pizza - which cost me about the same as a dinner in town.


Then it is time for boarding the plane and bye bye Egypt bye bye Middle East - home to Copenhagen. After a change in Frankfurt I get back - and guess what - it is raining again just as it was raining when I left town. Something never seems to change.


What were my main sights on this trip? Well if I should make a top five it would be:


1) Palmyra Syria

2) Wadi Rum Jordan

3) Cappedocia Turkey

4) White Desert Egypt

5) Petra Jordan


Well the final list did not really look like what I would have expected when I left home. There is no Egyptians monuments and Palmyra - well I had hardly heard about it when I left home. I guess if you expect too much from a country or a place you set you self up for a disappointment. If you don’t expect anything - then you can get some great surprise.

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photo by: tj1777