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I am leaving Jordan today to catch a ferry to Egypt. In theory this should be a easy day of travelling - a one hour ferry ride and the a short drive to Dahab in Egypt. Then everything starts to go wrong. I get to the harbour at around 10 and dont get on the fast ferry but the slow ferry. I think well ok this is a bit inconvenient but thats what happens sometimes. I get on the ferry and wait for it to leave the harbour - it looks like it will leave any minute now.


I get onboard and wait for the ferry to sail. It is already pretty warm in the cafeteria where I have found a seat. Time pass by I have been on the ferry for well over one hour now. But now finally it seem there is something happening - they are closing the entrance to the ferry - we will surely leave now. 15 minutes goes by - they open the entrance to the ferry again - we are not leaving. The midday sun really starts to heat up the ferry and the water from the sea increase the humidity of the air - it is damp and hot inside the cafeteria now - I wish I were from Finland then I would have appreciated this sauna experience.


Then finally the fast ferry is approaching the harbour in Aqaba there is only one pier in the harbour. My ferry probably wants to stay to pick up more costumers - but it have no choice it got to leave now - finally we are sailing - only 3½ hours after I got on board.


I got no Egyptian money and I got no Jordanian money either - but I have got US$ and there is a exchange booth on the ferry. I make my way up to the exchange booth - it is closed and remains closed for the entire passage - I am now officially without any legal tender on this ferry and are therefore broke - can not buy some nice cold drinks or anything.


The cafeteria is getting really uncomfortable now the temperature is rising and humidity is about 100 percent. I try to go to the upper deck - this is if possible even more uncomfortable than the cafeteria - need a toilet - and make my way towards one. Bad mistake. By now the toilets on the ferry is disgusting.


I get back to the cafeteria - it is still steaming hot - the only thing that is a bit of a comfort is the fact that I am not the only one suffering. The Egyptians and the Jordanians on the ferry are suffering as well. After another couple of hours of misery we approach the harbour in Egypt - it only took 6 hours - with the wait to leave Aqaba I have spent 10 hours on this ferry.


Getting to the custom control in Egypt next problem arises. They are searching everything. And I am carrying enough spirits from Syria to open a small bar. I get out and go to a exchange booth which is actually open - finally there is a bonus. The man in there is honest vauw. And he has had so much business that he has run out of big notes - he apologies he only got small note only a few hundred pound notes the rest got to be in tens and twenties. I think wuhuu I get small notes - this means I dont have to spent the rest of my time in Egypt trying to break down some big notes - what a bonus. I get my money changed and head back - the next really positive surprise - for some unknown reason we dont get searched. I get through customs with all of my spirits. Then it is a bit of a boring drive to Dahab - where I am ready to go straight to bed.

tj1777 says:
well I did not laugh at the time ;) stil dont.
Posted on: Nov 27, 2007
sylviandavid says:
Interesting blog..... It's funny how they will wait an hour to pick up one or two folks.... sylvia
Posted on: Nov 26, 2007
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