Felucca trip from hell - day 3

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It is very early morning and I wake up - it is actually a bit chilly this morning before sunrise - so I decide to actually use the sleeping back today. And go back to sleep for another couple of hours. Then it is sunrise and I wake up without much hope of going back to sleep. From where we are we can actually see the first temple of the day just a little bit further down the Nile on the opposite shore. The cook starts to make breakfast - and then suddenly the boat that pull up next to us the night before turns on its noisy engine. How irritating it really destroys the feeling of traditional Egyptian way of life.


Well we eat the breakfast - as you tend to do in the morning. And then gets ready for a quick sail across the Nile for sure. But no. We are not gonna sail this morning - the noisy boat turns out to be a towboat and it is going to tow us across the Nile to the temple.

Thus there will be no felucca sailing at all today.


Then we get to explore the old temple - it is really nice. It got a Nile-O-Meter used to measure how intense the seasonal flooding of the Nile were. The maximum level of the Nile decided if it would be a year of plenty or not. The faros taxmen would adjust the taxes accordingly.


Then from this temple it was of to another temple - this journey I thought would have been on a felucca - but no. It ended up being in a minibus. What a disappointment.


Then of seeing the next temple also interesting.  Then back in the minibus to drive the rest of the way to Luxor. The 3 day felucca trip turned out to be only 5 hours of sailing and the rest of the time spend at the shore or doing stupid circles on the river. Sailing in a felucca is actually really nice but 5 hour just weren't enough for 3 days.

In the evening I got on a train to go back for a day and a half in Cairo.

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photo by: LadyMaja