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Diving the waters outside Hurgarda

After getting hot and dusty in the desert it seems like no amounts of time spend in the shower will really do the job - hence it is a good thing to go to the coast. Hurgarda is very different from Dahab it is a much more developed tourist destination with bigger hotels a lot more tourist and all that comes along with it. It is a bit like many Mediterranean tourist towns everything I usually want to get away from to go somewhere more quite.


But despite my initial doubt it is not really all that bad. The hotel is bigger the pool is bigger the air con works - all something to be appreciated after a couple of hot day in the desert and just a bit of exploration in Luxor.


The main thing about Hurgada is the sea there is not too much to do on land. There is not the usual surplus of old ruins you just need to see before you can do something else. There will be different options, just hanging at the pool trying to find a beach or go diving (snorkelling).


For me the choice is very obvious I dont have the patience to go and spend a day on the beach or at the pool. Actually I found it impossible to spend more than half an hour in the sun at around five in the afternoon. After that I started to sweat soooo much that my book started to disintegrate because of my continuously dripping sweat and I would have to jump in the pool to cool of again. Diving it got to be.


I go out diving on a boat. This is so much better than the dive up in Dahab. The water is just as warm - always nice not to get cold on a dive no problems here. And the water is a lot clearer than up north. I am diving with a tiny group of only me, a body and a dive master. And this is Egypt no reason to go up too early just wait till you reach 50 bars in the tank and then go up. This gives some dive times I which is pretty close to the limits of safe diving if you actually go by a table - well we don't stay the hole dive maximum depth so I guess the dive masters computer is probably working ok and we got no major risk of decompression sickness.


The fish life around this area is pretty good and the coral seems to be in a better state than in Dahab. I don't know if it is because going on the boat gets us out on the open sea with better conditions or if the corals are also better along the coast - never got to check it out.


It was not the best dive ever - but definitely worth to go for and get to see so I don't feel too unhappy about diving in the Red Sea. And it is a great way to spend a day. Just sail, dive, lunch, dive and then sail back to town. Not much wasted time here.
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Diving the waters outside Hurgarda
Diving the waters outside Hurgarda
photo by: Orange_Girl