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Now how is it? It is one small step for man - one giant leep for mankind.

We are leaving the Black Desert and go to a nearby oasis town to do some shopping for lunch and dinner. When we get to the town the search for the public toilet start. Apparently there should be one somewhere - but nobody seems to know where. We walk down the street there is nothing that looks like it could be a public toilet - then a women walking down the street towards her house lets a group of strangers in to use the family bathroom - we get in - and when she is inside the headscarf come of immediately now inside the privacy of her family home the religious rules dont demand a headscarf anymore even though we are several males in no way related to her.


We get in and starts to talk - the conversation suffers a bit by the fact that the rest of her family dont speak any English and she is not fluent.

But at least her English is a lot better than our Arabic so we make do. The conversation drags along and we actually should get back to do the shopping and go further down the road - but she offers us tea and you just can not refuse an offer of tea in a Bedouin home.


We get the nice hot tea and drink it afterwards is time to go shopping. There is a rumour floating around - they got beers in this town. There it is the only bottle shop/bar in town we get beers and ice to cool them down. But we also need water. We find a shop selling water there is lots of them. He ask 1½ Egyptians pounds per bottle - which is actually a good price considering we are in the middle of an oasis town. But we are ready to barging - we want a discount if we buy 12 bottles of water from his shop - this takes a while and we managed to confuse the man - he starts to offer us 12 bottles for 20 pounds which is actually more than 1½ pound per bottle.

The debate continues and finally he caves in - he will sell the 12 bottles to us for 16 pounds - a discount of no less than 2 pounds split three ways - all in all a discount of almost 15 US cents each - we are so proud of our great success.


After this we drive of to a place in another oasis where we prepare lunch and stay for the next few hours relaxing in the shade nobody really wants to get back out on the road driving along in the midday sun where the temperature is surging way above 40 in the shade.


Late in the afternoon we drive on. We get to the White Desert a remarkable area made out of  calcium rock formations and form by the blowing wind and sand from the rest of the Sahara. It is probably the landscape on earth most resembling the surface of the moon - it definitely feels otherworldly to be there. We spend the evening there having dinner and exploring the surroundings - at night it is time to enjoy the nice cold beers we got at the first oasis town - they taste so good after a hot day in the desert.

Ehab_maher says:
yes its the moon...i said this in my blog about white dessert before i see urs...
wish u had a nice time there like i did!
Posted on: Nov 28, 2007
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Now how is it? It is one small ste…
Now how is it? It is one small st…
white dessert
photo by: Ehab_maher