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In Denmark spring this year meant a lot of rain and mediocre temperatures. Hence I was longing for some warm weather and some sunshine. Where could this possibly be found - my solution was to get a plane ticket to Istanbul and home from Cairo - this could not fail I would get some sun and a bit of heat.


The trip started off great going to Copenhagen airport - in the rain off course and 18 degrees Celsius. I got there and waited for the plane - everything went according to the plan and the timetable. Then I got to my Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt - it arrived late because of a lot of air traffic over Europe - hence I had to rush through the airport to catch my connecting flight - when I got to the counter it turn out I could have walk slowly - my connection were also delayed.


One hour late I arrived in Istanbul airport at 3.30 in the morning local time. The temperature had pick up quite a bit since I left Copenhagen - even though it was in the middle of the night it was still way above 20 degrees - a temperature I had not had for weeks at home.


Had to wait for the luggage and get through the passport and customs control. This went fairly smoothly all and I got out off the airport and tried to find a ride - I got a car and was off to the hotel down town Istanbul. I thought the trip down there would be straightforward - but I was wrong.


My driver found his way to the main street straightaway - but then he started doing circles. The third time we past the same mosque I kind figured out we were lost somehow. Then we did another circle - still no hotel in sight.


The driver stopped the car and asked a taxi driver for directions. I thought ok he was a bit lost but know he found the way to the hotel. We did another circle and then another half circle. Still no hotel but another taxi - the driver asked for directions again. This time surely we had to find the way to the hotel. We drove along went up another side street to look for the hotel - still no hotel. Hence we got back to the main street found yet another taxi driver - there are a lot of taxis out on the streets of Istanbul at night. Ok three times lucky - this could not possibly go wrong we had to drive straight up to the hotel now. We did another circle on the main street - and surprise surprise we stopped at yet another taxi driver. Asked for direction again and drove off. Back to the main street - then suddenly the driver seem happy - he had spotted the hotel up one side ally and rush up there - I finaly got to my hotel.


I thanked the driver got in the hotel got my room - and then went straight to bed.

trhoades says:
Glad to see such travel aggravations are not limited to the US.
Posted on: Apr 01, 2008
sarahelaine says:
well done on the feature!
Posted on: Nov 29, 2007
the_bloodsucker says:
Posted on: Nov 29, 2007
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