China 2006

 By pacovera

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The Summary

Trip to several cities of China. A precious trip that has made know and understand something us this great country. Viaje a varias ciudades de China. Un viaje precioso que nos ha hecho conocer y entender algo este gran país.

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July 24th, 2006Madrid, Spain
July 24th, 2006London, England
July 24th, 2006Shanghai, China
July 25th, 2006Shanghai, China
July 26th, 2006Shanghai, China
July 27th, 2006Shanghai, China
July 27th, 2006Suzhou, China
July 28th, 2006Shanghai, China
July 28th, 2006Hangzhou, China
July 29th, 2006Hangzhou, China
July 30th, 2006Hangzhou, China
July 30th, 2006Guilin, China
July 31st, 2006Guilin, China
August 1st, 2006Daxu, Guangxi, China
August 1st, 2006Guilin, China
August 1st, 2006Daxu, China
August 1st, 2006Xi'an, China
August 2nd, 2006Xi'an, China
August 3rd, 2006Xi'an, China
August 3rd, 2006Beijing, China
August 4th, 2006Badaling, China
August 4th, 2006Beijing, China
August 5th, 2006Beijing, China
August 6th, 2006Beijing, China
August 7th, 2006London, England
August 7th, 2006Madrid, Spain