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Carmen's also delivers!
The first time I came to Chicago on a visit I was about 13.  We came with my Grandpa, whose roots are in the area.  All I remember of that trip was our drive down Lake Shore Drive

I've driven Highway 1 in California several time on my way between Carmel, CA where my brother and sister live and Los Angeles where my parents live.  When I was looking for beaches in San Jose when I was in college, we used to drive over to Sata Cruiz at night to sit on Highway One and listen to the waves lap.  Lake Shore Drive is nothing like that.

Not to say it isn't beautiful, because it is.  It's majestic and grand in the same way that Versailles is majestic and grand.  Highway One is majestic and grand in the same way that the Rocky Mountains are majestic and grand.  As you drive along Lake Shore Drive, it is moving to see how people, humans, at the turn of the last century took enough care for each other to preserve the pristine lakefront for the masses.  If you're comming to Chicago, it's a must-go.  The only better way to do it is to walk along the Lakeshore Path and enjoy the view without worrying if you're going to drive off the side of the road.
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While San Diego Restaurants may have the best Mexican food in the US, Chicago is the place to go for Pizza. Carmen's Pizza is a great restaurant if you want to experience a 'true' Chicago-style pizza. Giordano's and Uno's get crowded with tourists, but Carmen's has some of the best crust around.  It's also a true 'local' place.  If you are planning on ordering a stuffed pizza make sure not to come starving- they can take up to 45 minutes from the time you place the order to cook and reach your table. If you're not in a hurry though Carmen's has great bottled beer specials and yummy cheesy bread. Excellent prices and a romantic yet casual atmosphere make this a must-do for anyone looking for a good pizza joint. They have another restaurant in Evanston, but it doesn't have the atmosphere the Loyola location has. The Loyola location is just north of the Loyola Red Line stop on the 'El' train.

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- Kango Suz
festerwretch says:
Oh why, oh why did I have to read this ... grr, I'm so hungry for a real pizza right now - with no prospect for one for at least 4 months, maybe not until July '08! ... grrr mouth watering ... (but that's for writing about it!!!)
Posted on: Dec 11, 2007
Carmens also delivers!
Carmen's also delivers!
When you get the pizza delivered, …
When you get the pizza delivered,…
After you cut the pizza you can se…
After you cut the pizza you can s…
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