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We managed to miss our stop on the bus and then the ticket guy told us we had top pay more. We had a big shouting match and gave up when the bus pulled over in the middle of the desert and the door swung open for us to get out!

We arrived at Hands On Disaster ResponseĀ“s headquarters  (a converted restaraunt) and I was first surprised by the amount of people there! At least 40. They were all very friendly and an Australian lad proceeded to force enormous measures of rum onto us...which we obviously couldnt turn down for fear of being rude!


Me and Bend were in a group scheduled to clear all of the rubble from a collapsed house - The Government has offered to give people a tent if they clear there own house site of rubble, how generous of them! - as the people living there were incapable of doing it themselves.

The locals are very friendly towards us, coming over to speak and waving all the time.

Walking through Pisco is crazy. There is just so much devastation. I cant help but wonder why the hell, over 2 months since the earthquake, the Government isnt doing anything to help. All they have done is place the army all over the place to stop looting. Why cant the bloody army be helping clear all the rubble??!!

Anyway, enough of my rant, haha. The house we were at was pretty much non existant except bricks and mortar all over the floor. We set about clearing it which was exhausting but it keeps you going to know you are essentially working to put a roof over someones head. Other groups from Hands On were also building temporary shelters, toilets etc.

The owner of the house, or what was left of it, hobbled over to us using a plastic chair as a walking stick as he cant afford a stick, and he was so grateful we were there. He sat the whole day watching us and shouting praise. Locals also came to watch and some of the younger ones also lent a hand. We were given free juice (something which the locals can barely afford to be handing out) and I really enjoyed the day.

I am exhausted now! We are gonna go get food at the shelter and then sit around a campfire all night!

I wish I could stay longer but I have already booked the Inca Trail.

I am thinking about coming back after the trail for at least a week and miss something else out of my travels. Bend is not keen but I can always meet upwith him again after Iamfinished. I would like to hear your thoughts on it as I am still slightly undecided. (I am leaning towards coming back but would be on my storman norman).

We sat around the fire which was class and we shared out tons of rum which was 2 quid for a bottle!! It was alot of fun and met tons of folk.

We headed to a club later which had just reopened. It was pretty busy which was a surprise. Well people who know me know I am a pretty wild drunk and needless to say me and Bend are infamous at the Hands On place now. There was drink, girls, dancing, dancing on the bar, meeting locals and not all in that order.

At the end of the night I was speaking to 2 locals who only spoke Spanish and I managed quite well! Maybe the drink loosened my tongue. They were really sound people and very appreciative of the work Hands On are doing.

princess-rosa-maia says:
im actually quite sad after reading this...you should go back and help these people cause your truely making a difference to their life by being there - thats only my opinion though x
Posted on: Nov 12, 2007
CharmaineX says:
James u shall always have the wie voices in ur head so u shall never be aone =) hehe and plus there is always other fafers like yourself you could meet up with. You just have to bring out the me in you HAR HAR HAR the force is with you bro =p
Or u could always make bend pass out and kidnap him all the way back =D btw i tried sending u my e-mail address and it bunced back =O wats that all about? lol
Charmaine x
Posted on: Nov 07, 2007
Mishel23 says:
Plan A: go get drunk (again & not for the last time)
Plan B: go help old people get safe and warm.

Don't ever worry about not being with someone. You're never on your own when you have yourself :)

You'll remember the people you'll meet forever and the power of helping fellow humans is like nothing else.
Posted on: Nov 06, 2007
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