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Cuzco at night


Sixteen hours on a bus. The first thing I noticed when we boarded was the delighful smell of urine hanging in the air. This was shaping up to be some journey!

The entire trip is winding up and down mountains, the bus tyre alot of the time being half a foot from the edge of the road and a couple hundred foot drop. I just had to close the curtains and hope for the best.

We got very little sleep as the road was extremely bumpy and the bus was actually freezing. I ended up taking the seats headrest cover off and wrapping it around my legs I was so cold.

We arrived at 5am totally exhausted and checked into a Hostal. Our room stinks of damp and rotting plaster which I doubt is good for you but what the hell eh!


Woke up at 2pm and had a wash in the promised ´hot´shower (freezing cold!) and then we headed out to pay the remainder of our money for the Inca Trail.

Random Lama

The city seems primarily catered towards tourists and there are tour companys absolutley everywhere.

We didnt do much today as we were still beat from our bus trip. We went to a shop and left my broken phone and Bends broken camera. The guy reckons he can fix them so fingers crossed.

We found an Irish bar(I swear they are all over the world, more popular than Mcdonalds), and they were showing the Barcelona vs Rangers match so we watched that.

No sign of altitude sickness yet which everyone was insistent would be a major problem. It feels like the air is slightly thinner but nothing drastic.


Once again we did very little today as we were resting for the Inka Trail. Visited a few shops and bought some tourist rubbish.

After T we headed to Andean Life´s office, the company we are trecking with, for a brief introduction to our group and description of what we will be doing.

The group seemed pretty cool and everyone spoke english. We had 4 English, 2 Canadians and 2 French Canadians. There were also 2 Irish but the girl collapsed duing the meeting!! Luckily we had a doctor in the group and he basically told her she shouldnt do the trail.

Up at 5am tomorrow, great!!!

CharmaineX says:
LOL i bet the headrest cover did a lot for your long legs didnt it? HAHAHA Aww that made me laugh and as for the hostel dw im sure u shal still have a few braincells left by the end of it and anyways ill still love yah =) *note to self put James in the home with mum and dad* LOL
Charmaine x
Posted on: Nov 14, 2007
yadilitta says:
You are gonna make it super!
Posted on: Nov 13, 2007
RabOrr says:
P.S. Make sure you've got some serious warm clothes for the hike Jas, cause according to the weather forecast, you're gonna need them!!!

Dad xxx
Posted on: Nov 07, 2007
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Cuzco at night
Cuzco at night
Random Lama
Random Lama
Main Square
Main Square
Main Square, some political thing …
Main Square, some political thing…
Main square
Main square
Hot toddy
Hot toddy
photo by: Vlindeke