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Big beer!


So we were pretty excited about leaving Mexico. Not that we didnt enjoy it, we were just looking forward to starting the next leg of our trip!

We got to the front of the que for our flight and the guy at the desk informed us it was for the day before!! Oops!!

We got new tickets which only cost us 25quid and then we boarded our flight from Cancun to Mexico. The start of thsi flight was pretty bloody scary. The plane started climbing and then smoke/steam started pouring into the plane from all of the vents. It turned out to be something simple to do with the air-con but the woman next to me started crying and praying which did nothing to help my nerves!

We landed in Mexico City and this is where our problems started. Turns out they hadnt actually booked us onto the next flight and there were no spaces left.

Bend with another big beer!
It took us three hours and lots of raised voices before they sorted us with a flight for 5pm the next day direct to Lima. They also put us up in a hotel with free food (I tried for free drink but they were not having it), and so we were not too bothered. I made sure I got my bag(anyone who went to Thailand with me knows why!) and we just chilled in the hotel for the night, taking advantage of the buffet.

I managed to go into the Jacuzzi with my mobile in my pocket too so that is now totalled. I am gonna try to dry it out but Im not holding much hope as the screen is actually filled with it, haha

So we should be flying to Peru today! Wish us luck!


We arrived in Peru pretty late. It seems alot less safe than Mexico!! I would not like to be walking around here at night unless I knew exactly where I was going.

After making friends with the bargirs we served ourselves!
We checked into Hostal España which is a converted mansion. It seems strange to think it is a Hostal as it has so much artwork around and feels more like the mansion it originally was.

Woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of gunfire. And it wasnt just a bang-bang pistol, no this was machine gun fire!! Scary ####!


Woke up quite early and we headed out into th centre just for some sighseeing and to get a feel for the place. Peru seems really cold after Mexico although it got slightly warmer as the day progressed.

We didnt achieve much during the day, just wadered around. We are hopefully meeting up with some locals so they shoudl eb able to show us around later in the week.

Haha, now thats what I call a barman!

At night we went to a cool little bar just for some food but it turned into a small party! They serve ber in 3pint glasses and all for around 1pound uk! They were playing all the classic 80s rock music which was great for a laugh.

The two bargirls ended up joining us for our party and although we could barely understand a word they said we had an amazing time. Tons of cool photos which I will put up later: Bend behind the bar serving himself etc.


Felt alot better than we jad any right to! Even Bend was ok which is totally unheard of after a night out.

We went to 2 museums today. The first was the Inqusition Museum which basically showed alot of torture methods used by the Spanish. It was pretty small and I was quite dissapointed to be honest. The second was an enormous museum set over 5 floors! This was really good and each floor basically went further along a timeline of the Peruvian´s.

Bend with a bargirl
It is well worth a visit. On the way to this museum our taxi driver took us through really dodgy areas. It was so bad that he made me and Bend roll up our windows and lock our doors. At a pedestrin crossing our driver deemed that a guy was taking too long to cross and so he drove into him!! I couldnt believe it. The guy and our driver then swung a punch at each other (through the open driver side window) before our driver raced off! He hit the guy pretty hard and I have no doubt his leg will be killing him.


Halloween! Now we were told that Lima would be a total party town today and it didnt dissapoint! We met up with Yadilitta (who I met through this site) who took us to a local bar/club.

Drinks flowed and I had an amazing night. So much fun and the people in Lima love to party.

Me with a bargirl
The place was really friendly, everyone up for a dance and a laugh.

Staggered back into the Hostal about 5:30am and managed to fall into two seperate people in my dorm who were fast asleep in bed, haha.


Rough rough rough!!!! I felt awful today. We met up with Yadilita again and she took us to a place where they serve sushi. I was pretty worried this was gonna send me over the hangover edge and into the embracing hold of a toilet but it was actually fantastic food. I cant remember the name of the place but it is very popular and we had to wait half an hour for a seat.

There was a fireworks show in the main square which was an unexpected bonus. They were so loud and the noise echoed around the small square which was pretty cool.

jazzmintz says:
Is RabOrr really your dad? The one with a HUGE mug of beer? Cos that's damn cool - my dad would never do that! So I think at least!
Posted on: Jul 20, 2009
RabOrr says:
What the next scheduled stop then?

Dad xxx
Posted on: Nov 01, 2007
yadilitta says:
I had a problem like that with my mobile, but a guy in one of the small stores in downtown Lima fixed it and charged just US$10 ;)
Posted on: Oct 29, 2007
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Big beer!
Big beer!
Bend with another big beer!
Bend with another big beer!
After making friends with the barg…
After making friends with the bar…
Haha, now thats what I call a barm…
Haha, now thats what I call a bar…
Bend with a bargirl
Bend with a bargirl
Me with a bargirl
Me with a bargirl
Me n Bend in bar
Me n Bend in bar
Bend trying to get me to buy him f…
Bend trying to get me to buy him …
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