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(Week One)

Anyone traveling through the city is sure to notice the lingerie shops on practically every corner, as well as, the large number of  couples and their public display of affection.  At a glance, it would seem that Argentines are more open about PDA and sexuality in general. 

These lingerie shops feature everything from what I have seen and are always filled with customers.  As for PDA here in the city, I have witnessed couples of all ages partaking of this in a wide range of locations.  One would expect to find this only among the younger generations and only in places like bars, clubs, etc.  Again, however, I have seen this take place on street corners, public transportation and restaurants; almost everywhere. 

As is not the case with pollution and dog droppings, PDA of this "magnitude" can be found in all parts of the country that I have visited thus far.  I noticed this in el Tigre and Mendoza in much the same manner as in Buenos Aires

As an American I obviously have differing cultural standards with what is commonly acceptable behavior in public.  Personally I am not totally against some PDA, but down here they have no problem showing their emotions that would clearly "push the envelope" in the United States. 

After speaking with some locals and other students who noticed these two parts of Argentine culture, it is apparent to me that Argentineans are much more open about PDA and sexuality.  Here it is much more out in the open and common to frequently see lingerie shops and couples sharing their emotions.  This is especially true when you compare it with the culture surrounding these issues in the United States.

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