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M6 Toll boths

Taking the M6 we continued our journey to Blackpool.  We took the toll road around Birmingham.  It was lovely very few cars and a clear road - it was worth every penny of the £4 it cost us to use it. 

After the toll part the rest of the M6 was not so good to us - we had many hold-ups for what seamed no particular reason.  We often even stopped on the motorway and when we did get going there appeared to have been no reason for the slow and stopping traffic.  Occasionally there was a car on the hard shoulder but nothing else.  Although one time there did look like a man with a tent having a shave on the hard shoulder but who knows. 

During one of our slow / stopped sessions on the M6 Ezri decided she needed a feed and a nappy change, a good scream / cry from the back of the car told us this, so we stopped at the next services, for another loo stop.  It also meant I could stretch my legs as they were getting a bit stiff.  (We still had 89 miles to go!)  More slow traffic was to be had after the services and at one point we did loose our friends and it took many miles before we caught up with them. 

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M6 Toll boths
M6 Toll boths
photo by: eddie8498