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After packing  the bags, and tidying the flat, with the car packed we were ready to go. Well we set off bright and early (well it was 9am) as we drove off the drive and heard Ezri filling her nappy - she knows how to time it!!!  So back on the drive for a nappy change.  All done and of we set (2nd time lucky).  We decided that as we were to drive our own way home, not following Rob and Sue, we would leave the decisions up to the SATNAV.  We chose the shortest and had no idea which way it would take us.

The drive took us through lots of lovely countryside and enabled us to look at the sight as I drove us back to Canterbury.  Soon I was getting hungery so began to look for somewher to stop.  Not as easy as you may think when you are driving through lots of country roads.  Eventually we came across a McDonalds and decided that it would be as good as place to stop as anywhere.  This really pleased Sam as he had been missing his chicken nuggets and chips.

After our lunch stop we continued our journey home.  While on the M1 I could feel myself getting tired so stopped for a short rest in a services and after about 10 minutes I was feeling much better and was ready for the next leg of the journey home.  Now I don't generally like the M1 - it is quite a straight, fast and not very interesting road often with lots of road works and traffic and today was no exception - roadworks.   we didn't have to wait to long but I did begin to think why don't drivers just stick to the lane they are in and then we might all be able to move more quickly and safely.  So after the roadworks I decided to reset the STNAV and take the quickest route home.  This took us on the M25 so just before the Dartford Crossing we stopped at the Thurrock Services for a loo stop and Ezri wanted a feed.

I knew now it was much further and we were on the homestraight.  The rest of the journey was quite uneventful and we arrived home at 5.30pm.  It was nice to be home, although a mountain of post awaited us aswell as all the washing that comes from being away.

It was a great week away, but it was also great to be home.

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