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Well, the Sunnyvale City Council elections are all wrapped up and the city is returning to normal. One incumbent got thrown out, the other two got re-elected and the library bond I talked about in the previous post got rejected. Anyway, I went around the city, looking in on some of the local attractions. The biggest attraction, for me, was a visit to the Yahoo! HQ in Sunnyvale. Surprisingly huge campus, with half a dozen buildings and a massive parking lot. But had a lot more steel and looked much more like a conventional office building than you would think for a one of the biggest tech companies on the internet - Lot less geeky than I imagined.

Other stopovers in Sunnyvale:

Sunnyvale Community Center Fountain: Lotta ducks, lotta people and generally speaking a lotta squaking. Lot less relaxing than advertised...Still fun, though - Specially watching the kids plotting to get hold of a duck.

Sunnyvale Historical Museum: Today it might be the home of Yahoo and AMD and a million other tech startups, but Sunnyvale does have a past with canning and agriculture. Was nice, but a little depressing. I mean, makes you think if this tech boom is going to last, and what happens if the techies crash and burn? The artifacts of the not-so-distant past were quaint reminders of days gone by when cities used to work without a single piece of code being written....Also worth visiting is the Sunnyvale lace museum, with lace tools and depictions of the history of lace. They even offer lace clasess.

Baylands Park: It was refresing to see so much lush greenery, specially after the hurly burly of the highway traffic. Parking was free ( off-season ) and the rolling thick grass, with tree lined pathways snaking through the park, looked highly inviting for a nap - If you manage to stay out of the way of the bikers.

Heard there's one park in Sunnyvale. If it's anything like this one, maybe I'll stopover there tomorrow. For now, it's back to dimsum and fried rice. Later tomorrow, I need to pack up and head over to Fremont. Hopefully, I did find a good Fremont hotel online, but a review of the Fremont stay will have to wait for a couple more days.

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