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Just arrived in the heart of Silicon valley. Home of Yahoo and AMD, a hot-potch of spectacled Indian-Americans, Chinese businessmen and a few stray Caucasians sprinkled here and there. And restaurants with endless culinary possibilities.

If I get any time, I'll update this foodlog. Seems like the City of Sunnyvale is holding its City Council elections today, and the whole town is abuzz over the candidates. Nerds that they are, the main issue for Sunnyvale residents seems not to be the Iraq war or global warming or Britney Spears, but a proposed expansion of their public library. It's amazing how much you can pick up about a city just by sitting at a diner and listening to the shoptalk.

And this was in a newly opened Chinese outlet called Ginger cafe. Everybody seemed to be sampling Dim Sum, so I had some Stuffed Squid with chilli sauce and and a veg steamed bun. Mouth watering stuff. After hours on the road, the comfortable seating, soft lighting, the quiet chatter with a mix of languages and accents, and the delicious aroma was kindof of difficult to let go, and I felt like falling asleep there. But I really want to sample more of Sunnyvale's culinary offerings, and I think I'll spend the next couple of days hopping from one restaurant to the next.

Oh, and before I forget, what I really came here for was to conduct some interviews with a Sunnyvale based company which seems to be on the verge of triggering a revolution in green business, with eco-friendly products which cut Co2 emissions by 90%. Amazing, this city.




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