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Oceanside Days Inn at the Coast

Apologies for the double meaning in the title, but when you name a place Oceanside, that's what you get...From the family madness of tourist invaded Buena Park, I made my to Oceanside, CA, in search of some rest and relaxation, lazy naps on the beach, languid walks on the Oceanside pier and sampling the best food that Oceanside diners had on offer.

Not that I was the only one there - Oceanside has about 200,000 surf addicted residents, beach bums and sundry good-for-nothings and tacklers who spend their entire lives on the waterfront. And due to its proximity to both LA and San Diego, a horde of tourists determined to get the most out of sand, surf and sun. Still, it was a big improvement over Buena Park, whose sole pupose of existence seemed to be to herd as many hapless tourists as possible into big gatherings.

But before launching into an exploration of the Oceanside Strand, as the popular stretch along the beach is known, or the culinary offerings, I had to find a fairly reasonable Oceanside hotel. In California, especially in and around LA, that's easier said than done. Finally settled on the Oceanside Days Inn at the Coast, on Carmelo Drive, located two blocks from Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. Hope you get the double meaning in the title now...

The Days Inn was more efficient and full of discrete comforts than I thought possible for a tourist hotbed in California. The room was clean and comfortable, equipped with a 27' remote controlled TV, refrigerator, microwave, hairdryer, ironing board, free newspaper and laundry service. Even a smoking suite, wireless internet access, heated outdoor pool, jacuzi and within walking distance of the beach. The view was nothing to write home about - A sea of boats against a backdrop of apartments and some more boats . But then, I was more interested in diners than sunsets...And what wowed me the most was the free continental breakfast...

Making my way to the Oceanside Pier and Ruby's Diner for a taste of calorie filled, mouth watering cheese burgers to the sound of chattering tourists and crashing waves. Coming up next is a tour of the Strand.

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Oceanside Days Inn at the Coast
Oceanside Days Inn at the Coast
photo by: X_Drive