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In London! And there's my base for the next 5 days...

Ok, so what's the coolest city in the world? Erm... London

What's the most trendiest city in the world? Let's see.... London?

What's the most culturally diverse city in the world? Gotta be London!

........and in which city have I just come to, ready to spend the next 5 nights in? LONDON, surement!!

No, the above lines weren't ruthlessly copied from a travel guide, but merely statements that summarise what I feel about the city. Every London visit of mine rejuvinates and reenergises me like never before. There's just something about this city - the buildings, the cultural diversity, the food (esp milk products), tourist attractions, shopping, etc.

Holland Park in High Street Kensington
I can go on and on, bottomline being j'aime Londres.

Kings Cross station was a bit of clockwork (becoming a 2nd Gatwick for me now) for me, bought my 7 day Oyster card and headed to High Street Kensington to my YHA. The tube ride was as expected, I did feel a bit bad that I wasn't staying at Earl's Court. Oh well... HSK was a delight as ever. It's a nice street (although let it be said that I muchly rather prefer Earl's Court to this). My only problem now was the location of the hostel. Given my previous disasters this trip on finding other hostels, I was a bit wary on how easily I can find this. I kept asking people "Holland Park" and they kept telling me I'm going in the right direction. So finally I did arrive...at Holland Park. Hoorah I thought, enough of  a walk with a heavy duffel.

The YHA Hostel, Holland Park
But God NO! It didn't end. You had to enter Holland Park and walk, walk, walk through the lovely park (granted, it's lovely) till you reach the end and you find the hostel there. I was so stunned at its distance from the tube station, rather how lightly it was described on the website making it look like a "10 minute walk" I kept laughing in despair. Checking in was a breeze, the problem was again finding my room. About  a thousand different staircases...you have to walk down a few stairs from the reception, then out into the courtyard, back in, pass through another security door (horrible door in opening), climb up another set of stairs AGAIN.... my GOD! I was nearly ready to YELL in frustration! The dorm was...LOL - a dorm! 20 beds in different levels (not straight forward bunker beds), I'll be writing a review on this hostel separately but it's a piece of work, I'll tell ya that!

Anyways after settling in, and I literally mean settling in, I  went to my 3rd favo place in London - Oxford Street.

Holland Park
I went window shopping till about 5pm, headed to a bad Thai place for a buffet where I met a fellow doctor from Bangalore (well Mysore, India) who's now living in Liverpool and we had a casual chitchat. It was quite sunny and Oxford St was bustling with activity as ever, so it was a delightful experience.

I walked down to Shaftsbury Ave for my first of many shows in London - "Blood Brothers". This was lovely. Very well written play with good moments of humour and sadness thrown in. Good acting as well. The play went on till about 10:30pm and I headed back to the hostel. I must say my walk back to this hostel is so diff from the Earl's Court one. I was warned it will be "lonely" but I honestly didn't think this quiet and lonely. Not scary or anything, just lonely. Got back to the hostel, had about a million people in the room grumbling as I turned my bedlight on. :-( And called it a night.

London, London...I'm in London. YAY ad infinitum!

cotton_foam says:
I wish I find a TravBuddy like you in London :) You so know the city!
Posted on: Dec 10, 2014
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In London! And theres my base for…
In London! And there's my base fo…
Holland Park in High Street Kensin…
Holland Park in High Street Kensi…
The YHA Hostel, Holland Park
The YHA Hostel, Holland Park
Holland Park
Holland Park
my daily walk to the High Street. …
my daily walk to the High Street.…
photo by: ulysses