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View of Dover Castle in the background

... the white cliffs of Dover,
Tomorrow, just you wait and see.
There'll be love and laughter
And peace ever after
Tomorrow, when the world is free.

Those are my first memories of the White Cliffs... that day in late November 1995 when Robson & Jerome's Double A side cover version (alongside Unchained Melody) hit #1 in the UK singles chart. I was studying my 2nd year B.E in Bangalore, India then and wondering "who are these two well groomed men?" as I watched them croon on Top Of The Pops. My history is quite poor so at that time I had no idea of  what these Cliffs were  - an actual place or some sort of euphemism for a place of happiness?? Yep, my history knowledge is THAT bad!

Fast forward to 2005 when I started researching for my London trip, the "Frommers' 25 one day trips outside of London" book came in handy and Dover was one of the getaway places mentioned.

The White Cliffs of Dover
Yes, *that* Dover featured in the song, and yep, *those* very same White Cliffs. The book also contained the historical aspect of the Castle and the tunnels built in the cliffs during WW2, which is when the lyrics of the song came to mean sense. I unfortunately couldn't visit Dover last autumn, I didn't want to go there on my Feb trip and it had in the meantime nestled in the top of my to-do list for my next trip, which thankfully was now, in May.

Then came the next issue - solo tour? Worth it? Or just bung on a package tour? Thankfully for me, I chose to go with Astral Travels ( They had a great 1 day package that covered Dover, Canterbury and Leeds Castle. I'd gone with Astral Travels last autumn and didn't have the best of experiences but I thought I'd give them a 2nd go.

Wise move I say!

The bus was prompt - picked me up at an unearthly 7:45am on Saturday morning in front of the High St tube. He picked up a few more, went to their station and got on the right minibus. Our driver/guide Chris was amazing. There were about 12 of us including another Indian family from Mumbai.

The drive through Kent was brilliant. So many sheep, it reminded me of my New Zealand trip from last Nov. Right as I was thinking "NZ", Chris himself told us that the UK, Ireland and NZ have the largest # of sheep in the world. It's amazing, I loved it in Ireland, NZ and now again - watching fat sheep on the grass. Kent is lovely for a drivethrough. Gorgeous place!

We arrived Dover rather quickly and passed through the famous Castle, headed twds the White Cliffs. Dover is a very industrial port, and on a sunny 'clear' day one can see France. The white cliffs themselves are majestic. I've normally come to disregard travel blurbs on places so it was with some amount of skepticism that I started walking on them, but you just can't help BUT be amazed.

Chris joined us, told us the story about the White Cliffs and we spent some time wandering the area. We spent roughly about an hour here. We got on board for stop #2 - Canterbury!

sdbleve says:
I went to Dover a couple of years ago. I had been there on a previous trip and wanted to go back. I was so glad I did. The highlight of my trip was my stop at the castle. I met a vet that come to the castle to revisit things he had done in his youth. He had been a part of the expeditionary force that evac'd thru Dover at the beginning of the war. We chatted out by the "tunnels" for a while, then I walked with him up the keep and I treated him to lunch. The couple of hours we spent talking were the highlight of my entire visit.

Another excursion I enjoyed was a walk out to the light house. My walk out I stayed along the cliffs, but on my walk back, part was through a crop field (dont remember what the crop was). It was so peaceful. My next trip back with my kids, I am going to take them there.
Posted on: Nov 21, 2006
vances says:
Did you mean "that day in late November 1995"?
Posted on: Oct 27, 2006
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View of Dover Castle in the backgr…
View of Dover Castle in the backg…
The White Cliffs of Dover
The White Cliffs of Dover
Dover is also an industrial port o…
Dover is also an industrial port …
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