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en route to city centre

As the title of today's entry states, the mood isn't good.

I knew that it was Bank Holiday in the UK and hence a long wknd, but what I overlooked was that it's also that time of the year for many railway lines to be repaired. And well.... guess who was unlucky again! :-(

I arrived at Waterloo by 9:45am hoping to catch "the next available train" to Salisbury. But turns out the one leaving at 10am was cancelled. The next one was only at 11:45am and guess what? It wasn't headed to Salisbury. I had to get down at Picton and then take a replacement bus as the railway lines were undergoing some maintenance. Really, it didn't seem that bad when I heard it! I was thinking "oh cool, I  get to see some fabo scenery whilst on the bus" and did NOTHING in the railway station except stand for so long with a cuppa in front of the monitors people thought I was Staff and I helped about 4 French women on how to go get to their respective destinations.

Salisbury Cathedral
I finally had to tell another Italian family "Non parlo Italiano". Sheesh!

The train left on time, I was soooo sleepy. The train reached Picton fairly early, in less than an hour. But here began the drama. The replacement bus hadn't arrived. Once it arrived, it was packed. The journey seemed so long what with single lane crowded roads, it took nearly 2 hours till I reached another station (can't remember the name now) from where I caught a 30 min train to Salisbury. The long and short of it is I arrived Salisbury at 3pm.

When you start off the day's sightseeing at this kind of time (ideally had planned to be there by 11am), you're really not in a mood to do anything. The whole idea of going to Salisbury is to see the lovely cathedral. What if its even closed by the time I reach  it! To make things worse, I was feeling ravenously hungry, like I could-bite-the-twigs-off-the-trees and them hungry.

The walk to city centre seemed a bit deserted compared to other towns I've been to on this trip. My joy knew NO BOUNDS when I saw a McDs there. A veggie burger which seemed like a 7 course meal was enough to get my batteries recharged as I headed towards the cathedral. It was already nearing 4pm and I wasn't wearing my best mood today.

The Cathedral is lovely, so tall. It's not as 'big' as the York Minster or for that matter the Canterbury one but beautiful all the same. The entrance is free, and inside there was a beautiful choir going on. I sat through about 15 minutes but as I said, I just wasn't in a mood so I walked out.

I was thinking if I should go to Stonehenge but the last bus leaving there wouldn't make it in time for my train back to London and I was frankly so bored of my wits I didn't want to stay away from London for too long.

the main shopping area
So I caught my train back to London (same old bus story repeat) and reached London around 7:30pm.

OK. I'll have to get back into my usual "London is so charming..." mode again because I suddenly felt energised again. Or as we Indians would say, josh! I walked around Buckingham Palace, took a lovely walk through one of the parks and kept walking till I reach the next Tube station. I reached the Clock Tower. Really, I had no idea that B'ham Palace and Clock Tower are that close! I was telling my parents too!

I spent some time @ Southwark. It's a lovely area, just lovely. The weather was lovely, sun was setting, just excellent. And I was telling myself...ok so I've seen all my favourite spots of London so far. So what's that ONE important place I've still not been to? Earl's Court!

Headed to Earl's Court, headed to my favourite Internet centre for 30 mins of email (make sure my mates won't forget to pick me up from the airport on Tues noon) and dinner was at the much talked about Masala Cafe.

random shot of a house I really liked
Food was so-so, but huge quantities for their price.

I took the tube back to my hostel and reached by about 11:30p. I went into the kitchen for a quick drink of water but instead, ended up meeting a very charming Perth gal and an Irish lady...oh, and a German who used to work at the Earl's Court YHA. We chatted for one hour! That's what I love about hostels, the diversity of people you meet and how quickly strangers turn into friends. It's just sweet memories....really! Can't put a price on that.

Slept at 1am. I know I've said this a million times but I just never seem to believe I'm actually IN London. LOL!

Laurabob says:
You have been to some of my favourite places in the Uk, although it looks like the weather didn't treat you well. I hate it when people do this to me, but if you get a chance to come back again, just make a trip further up to Durham on the east coast which is beautiful and north of Manchester to the Lake District. Happy travels
Posted on: Aug 10, 2006
pacovera says:
It is deduced, for the illusion that you put, that you like London!!
Posted on: Jun 23, 2006
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en route to city centre
en route to city centre
Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral
the main shopping area
the main shopping area
random shot of a house I really li…
random shot of a house I really l…
river walk
river walk
photo by: Vikram