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YHA Hostel, Cambridge

My arrival to Cambridge was a boring one. Probably because I was feeling sleepy and I arrived much later than I was hoping I would. The railway station is much smaller than I thought and the signs outside aren't really the easiest to navigate. I was however able to find my way to the YHA hostel which is actually very close to the station. The hostel looks ok, but I found the staff was a bit rude. I'll be writing a review of this YHA later. I'm not particularly impressed by them but I don't think there are too many alternatives in this town.

It was about 5pm, and I headed out to town. The walk was...well so much different than what I'd expected. I think what the common traveller forgets about the UK is that even the most legendary cities do in time succumb to modernisation.

King's College chapel, the one picture you'll see in practically every travel book!
Which isn't by any means a bad thing, just that the Cambridge I'd envisioned was a lot different from the Cambridge I was actually in.

I was actually so hungry and without money my immediate hunt for was for an ATM preferably inside a coffee shop. My answer came in the form of Cafe Nero. I'm amazed at how every Cafe Nero is run by an Italian. At least the ones I've been to! I had a muffin, lovely coffee and headed out again. I didn't want to do much. I think the last few days of walking all day had taken its toll that I just felt like a bit of a sitback. But the hostel by itself was so boring I knew I don't want to go back there, so might as well spend some time around the city.

I went to King's College Chapel and went to the back of the colleges to see the River Cam, and people doing the punt. *This* was the Kodak moment I'd wanted.

Proof I've been there too!
It's what all the travel books have, and it's one shot I always wanted. I continued to walk on the  backfields till I reached about 1/2 the circumference. The thing is that I was bored already, a bit tired and for some reason hungry! Hungry for Indian food of all things!

I went to an Internet Cafe and spent close to 1 hour  checking email. It was also nice that two of my best mates were both getting married so was busy replying to their emails, etc. After this, headed to a nice Bangladeshi rsnt for dinner before heading back to the hostel around 9:30pm.

I met a cool guy from Liverpool (LOL, he looked like that guy who played the character who's half insect half human being in one of the X Files episodes) who's an architect and was telling me about his job. The one thing I WHOLLY recommend and love about hostels is the kind of people you meet. No matter how dirty or bad a hostel is, rest assured you're always running into various sorts of people. And especially in a country like the UK where people from all over the world come. So chatted with him and a few others for a bit, before sleeping. But the hostel was so bad - people kept coming in / going out, one of them, only one main lighting for the entire room unlike other hostels that have bedlights, all in all I couldn't sleep. There was only ONE thing that kept me going - knowing that I'll be in London by t'row!!!

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YHA Hostel, Cambridge
YHA Hostel, Cambridge
Kings College chapel, the one pic…
King's College chapel, the one pi…
Proof Ive been there too!
Proof I've been there too!
photo by: Ann_Hells