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The G word I hate!

My last day in London was ... well like all my last days in London...busy till the last minute!

I woke up rather early but thanks to the long queue for breakfast, I ended up spending nearly 1 hour just to eat. Grabbed my iPod, got on the Tube to Trafalgar Square. This is one of my favourite spots in London and I was bummed I never got a chance to see it. I felt incomplete if I didn't! But my God! I must say compared to other stations, High Street Kensington is so badly connected with tubes that I had to wait forever to get one....and by the time I changed at Victoria and eventually reached the Square, it was already around 9:30am. Thank God I didn't miss much.... there was some scaffolding work going on, and Nelson's Tower was completely covered.

The fun is ending...ending...ending...

Thanks to the amount of time I spent on the tube, I couldn't quite  spend the amount of time I wanted to here. So I headed back to the hostel, grabbed my stuff and took the Gatwick Express. Packing the previous night  was a blessing I must say! Gatwick was the usual, grilled by Airport security before I got my boarding card, and once past Security Check, I spent some time eating all that I could @ Yo-Sushi!. Unlike last time when I bought my chocolates, clothes, etc...all last minute shopping @ LGW, I didn't have any last minute purchases this time so it was quite relaxing.

I got a great Exit row window seat, sat next to a Texan kid returning home from a golf holiday with his parents in Scotland (lucky sod!) and said he can't wait to get home. The flight was dismal as ever.

There she is, waiting to take off at 2:20pm!
...10 hrs and the funny thing is, whilst people complain about not sleeping on planes or those that say that one needs to sleep on a plane, I wasn't feeling sleepy because I slept like a log the previous night. Thanks to that, I was feeling bored! And Dan Brown didn't help much - he's an awful author with every page of Deception Point seeming to take forever.

Dallas immigration was a breeze as usual, my colleague had come to pick me up and filled me in with all the latest goss at work. It felt nice being  back in Dallas. I got home, placed my Oyster card on my study table which was strewn with pre-trip planning Frommers books. And unlike other trips of mine to the UK, I didn't feel *that* sad when I left Gatwick this time. Probably  because I've gotten so used to going to the UK again and again that it's become like home, and I know it's only a matter of time  before I'm there again.  :)

bigdance says:
Manchester is now even better!I may be biased, as I choose to live here, and I love the place! See latest entries on Wikipedia travel for example.Castlefield is NOT dangerous and less quiet at night now ,due to the new strip of restaurants next to the YMCA, and racist attacks ARE rare in the centre.We are a multicultural city.
You mention Scotland.I was a student in Glasgow.Have you been? It is a real city like Manchester. London is great ,but believe me hell to live in,as I did for 10 years!Places like Manchester and Leeds are livable,with lots to see and do for locals too.London, and to a lesser extent Edinburgh, are not the real Britain!Liverpool is European City of Culture 2008 and frankly transformed of late.... Regards....
Posted on: Feb 16, 2008
koala says:
How often have you been to the UK?
Posted on: Oct 27, 2006
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The G word I hate!
The G word I hate!
The fun is ending...ending...endin…
The fun is ending...ending...endi…
There she is, waiting to take off …
There she is, waiting to take off…
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