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FIFA madness! I saw this at a store in Liverpool.

I guess anyone who visits the UK, or at least gets to the northern part of England has to visit Liverpool. Again, not a city I'd say that's touristy-touristy but more of a  'been there done that' city.

As for me, I've really been slacking on this trip. Would you  believe I woke up at 11am! I guess the consistent rain outside didn't help much. How do British people get their work done with ALL that rain! It looks so beautiful I'd just rather sit and enjoy it! 

What's worse that day was some marathon going on in Manchester which means most roads and TRAM service was closed. So I pretty much went walking in the rain upto Picadilly Station and caught the train  to Liverpool.

Mersey waterfront
I spent some time at a Mall near the railway station and carried on to the main shopping strip of the city. I must include a mention of the German toilet paper I saw on a store. LOL!

The rest of the city was deserted. I almost felt bored as I made my way to the waterfront and headed to the National Maritime Museum. Free entrance, note. I really liked this place. I'm not much into the whole naval and water transport thing but I really liked seeing so many things esp the Titanic bit. The display in the basement on slavery was also very interesting, as well as how Liverpool was the port where many were emigrating to the US. You know, everytime I'd visit London I'd think how can people leave this city. But the more trips I make to museums, I'm always reading about poverty, various things that people wanted to escape and move to the Land of the Free.

The Merseyside Maritime Museum
The pictures I saw in this museum were really revelatory. How things changed... I wonder if those people who moved to the US those days ever wondered that the land they built would end up becoming such a powerful nation.

I spent about 3 hrs @ the Maritime Museum and headed to the waterfront. Shame, the Ferry that goes across the Mersey was closed. Come to think of it, I don't know if I would've liked it that much.

It was only about 4:30pm or so by now but I had already started to feel REALLY bored. I went back to the station and caught the train back to M'chester. Spent my time checking email and dinner was M&S takeway with their lovely Onkle yoghurt. My last night in Manchester! York, HERE WE COME!

joseph98 says:
Didn't get to go to the Cavern Club huh? That's the highlight of Liverpool for me!
Posted on: Nov 10, 2013
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FIFA madness! I saw this at a stor…
FIFA madness! I saw this at a sto…
Mersey waterfront
Mersey waterfront
The Merseyside Maritime Museum
The Merseyside Maritime Museum
Art gallery
Art gallery
photo by: monkeymia79