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I woke up at four o'clock in the morning to write blog. In 2 hours I went back to sleep and didn't wake up until 12:30, weird. Anyway, we packed our things and left the house of Tor's sister. Tor was supposed to drive all the way home, to the south-western coast of Norway and I was supposed to spend a night in a hostel called Trondheim Vandrerhjem. So we arrived to the hostel and wished all the bests to each other. I decided to do some sightseeing in the town, and hoped to find any open stores. I also was hungry. So yeah, I found this cool "Milano Pizzeria" on the way to downtown and ate some very good pasta. Anyhow, the day wasn't the best one for sightseeing or shopping in Trondheim. It rained, it was cold and windy, just few degrees over zero, the most of the shops were closed because it was sunday. So no chance to get a towel for the rest of the trip. I found a little market and got a small bag of candy. It was Finnish candy so nothing exotic in that, heh.

18:00 Back in hostel

I took a quick shower and dried myself to an extra t-shirt I got. I tried to find any open WLANs and there was one with a very weak signal, I guess the owner lived across the street. Since it worked only like 10 mins and I got nothing else to do I went to TV room for a moment and got tired very soon (note: must be the most exciting moment of this trip or blog). So I returned back to my room and slept about three hours and went to TV room again. This time they casted some western movie, I finally understood something. Anyway the TV room was closed in the midnight and I had just woken up, sweet, but at the reception something funny happened. One guy came to me and asked if I was from Canada.

- From Canada, me?
- Yes you.
- No, I'm from Finland
- You have a well developed accent.
- Are you from Canada then?
- Yes, I just heard few lines from you in the TV room when you talked to the other guy and I thought you're Canadian as well.

Heh that saved my day. A Canadian accent, sweet.. So we chatted a bit and returned to our rooms. Since I had already had a nap and couldn't sleep anymore I watched 2 John Mayer's gigs from my Macbook and listened to music until it was already time for breakfast.
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photo by: cvanzoen