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14:00 Trondheim, Norway

We arrived to Tor's sister's apartment in the afternoon. She was living in a basement of someone else's with her boyfriend. It was actually suprising that they were my age, 20 or so. Tor suggested that we could jam a little, since I had my acoustic guitar and Tor's sister's boyfriend had an electric guitar (Fender Strato..). Why not, I thought. Tor turned out not to be a very talented musician either in playing or singing, but he loved what he did. It was amazing to see how a Norwegian engineer was 150% on American folkmusic. I don't have any video material of that moment, but after few Jesse Jameses, Whiskey in the Jars and other cool folk songs I got a little embarrassed of the whole situation, especially thought by the view of his sister, who offered an accommodation for 1 night and was forced to listen to that crap. After an hour or so we drove Tor's sister and the boyfriend (I would use the correct names if I even knew them) to some kind of "student arragement" and bought something to eat. That "something" couldn't be anything else than Grandiosa pizza (sold in freeze and supposed to warm up in the oven). We came back to the apartment, played a little and ate the pizza. Tor told me that we'd be going out, to the same party where we dropped those 2. I was already so tired that I didn't feel like going, but I guess I had to. Tor supposed I was going to drink as normally Finns do and though he wasn't drunk he had already taken a couple of beers and was ordering a cab. I didn't feel like paying abt 15 euros to both directions so I suggested if I just drove his Peugeot, since I didn't drink. That's what we did.

19:30 The Party

At the main door I still had no clue about who those people were, what was this happening for or about. Tor was talking with a guy with a headset something Norwegian, I could only recognize "musiker", "spela här" and "Finland". Since I knew some Swedish, I knew he was lying. Somehow he managed to get us in without any stamps on our hands. He had told that we were folk musicians and going to play there. I didn't like that at all, and already wanted to go back. Everyone was dressed on their bests, everyone except us 2. The party turned out to be a bi-annual gathering of former students of some university in Trondheim, so Tor knew some people there, since he actually was one of them. I felt very uncomfortable and embarrassed since I wasn't dressed and not invited, and Tor didn't understand it. He tried to make me interested of the party but I wasn't and wasn't going to be. He knew I wanted to leave. When I asked him about the clothes, he said he didn't care. He looked actually like even more weirdo and outsider than I did.

So there I was, in a wrong place in a wrong time, trying to look cool in the middle of all very good looking Norwegian wealthy people of all ages. In a meanwhile Tor already tried to get us in to some kind of musicians' inner circle in the basement, if we could get "a little jam" with the other musicians there, sweet.. The whole thing was really getting on my nerves, since I wanted nothing but to be seen. I wanted to hide. I wasn't part of any circle and didn't want to be. And yeah, I was tired.

In the middle of all this crap Tor, as normally, left for the cigarette, but when he came back, he got an older guy, in his 40's, with him and wanted to introduce me to that guy. "Terve!" he said when he shook my hand. He actually spoke Finnish to me! We had a great chat with that dude, in Finnish. He was a Finnish-Norwegian engineer who had left Finnish Lapland long time ago, I guess, or learnt the language from his parents. The language was old and that's why very fascinating. So he somehow arranged all the stamps and passes we needed to get to the musicians side. The great thing was that people weren't dressed there as well as in other areas. I had few chats with some dudes, and for a short period of time I really had fun. We also found a 5-string banjo(!) and played it in the corridor. Soon there was this cool folk band playing in the bar with violins, contrabass, guitars, mandolines, banjos, flutes and some percussive instruments. They played some of the folk songs we had been playing with Tor and the atmosphere was really something. But I got tired very soon and just needed to get out of there. Though I had fun for maybe like 30 mins when talking to people, the rest of the time was really waste of time. At last Tor gave up and we left. Before we headed back to the apartment we ate "the best burgers in Trondheim", as Tor said. The bacon cheeseburger I got really was good. The taste was real, nothing I had used to in Finnish McDonald's, Hesburger or any grills. It wasn't more than 11 PM when I fell asleep.
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photo by: cvanzoen