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Rosario... Great city. Beautiful men.

I made it down to Rosario after spending a couple of days with my friends in Cordoba. Argentina is spectacular. The variety of landscape is amazing. The wine country around Salta and Cordoba country with tons of small towns all around in the most amazing landscape.

Argentine people are so unbelievably nice. So welcoming and friendly. Very easy to make friends with. Not to mention that the men are by far the hottest men in south america I think, colombians run a very close second.

I have been in Rosario for a week now. Looking for work, trying to prepare myself to stay. I actually made contact and got in with the Municipality. They were awesome and welcoming me as a volunteer. The only problem was.....  I still wanted to go back to Colombia. After four months of traveling, I could only think of going back to the country I enjoyed the most.

I wanted to see so much more, but my journeys are less about touring as they are working towards something.

To make long story short or a short story long. I came to the decision to return to Colombia. I came down here for a reason. I went with my gut and I´m going with my gut. I really can´t explain it. I´ll figure it all out someday...

But I did want to share something.....

Why now?

It has been years 

  more than 12 to be exact 

  since my pen touched paper

So, why now?

  have I something to say?

Things in my head


  words that need to be said

No words can express

Afraid to say

I don't know how to share

If I did, would anyone care?

 who would listen

 or try to understand

All too busy

  thinking of themselves

  thinking if anyone is thinking of them

Just like me.

Place of Che Guevara's birth. More reason to love Rosario


What I do.... Not want....

I don't want it

  at least I say I don't

The thing everyone is looking for


  not enough 

  wanting more

  something different

  something new

  to satisfy

  what they want

 Not enough

  never will be

Always looking

  for what I want

When I know

  it will never be enough

That's why

I don't want it

At least I say I don't



I read a book that made me think

About what people are thinking

We're all disturbed

I think.

Place where I went everyday to think and watch people.

Because of the thinking

Never saying what they think

Where are they from? The thoughts

Just sad

Because they're trapped

They, us, we, thoughts

We're all disturbed

I think.


Nothing New

It's all been done before

 nothing new

 everything old

It's been here before

 nothing new

We like to think we are

 creating, saying, writing, doing

 something new

It's all been done before

We have ideas of ourselves

 of our place

 here. now.

I too, I'm not new

 i've been here before

This point

 in time

 from the past

I've said this before

 this is nothing new

Tomorrow it will be said again

 by someone new



I want someone to see me

  see how special I am

I want someone to know

  how special I can be

I'll walk proud

Say smart things

Buy expensive clothes

Talk sweet

Act nice

Pretend to be strong

Whatever you want

  please just see me

Whatever your looking for

  that's what I'll be

If you would only see me


Oh god

Can someone?

See me?



On the streets

They send them to ask

  for this, for that

  sell this, sell that

Why don't they ask themselves?

 who are they

 where are they

 I never see them

It's easier to send them

 to be refused


 than being refused

They don't know

 they're doing what they're told

 doing what they think they should

Did they do the same

  when they were young?

What they were told

They don't know

It's easier that way


Could it be?

Were they here before?

Did others find out?

Are they the same?

It doesn't make sense

None of it

Look around

A truth.

Life in Rosario on Saturday morning along the river.

Everyone - almost everyone

  doesn't know

They do

Were they here before?

They're hiding

  what they know

Look around

Everyone - almost everyone

  doesn't know

The truth.

Something isn't right

Things don't add up

Someone knows

The Truth.

Do I know?


That's why I mentioned it

Something just isn't right


Too strong

It's so strong

 we all can feel it

 trying to fill it

Because it's so strong

Why can't we fill it

Why can't we feel it

We're trying to fill it

             ....feel it

We can't

 because it's so strong



Do people see

  do they see me

Wonder if they know

  the truth

of what we're told

  to believe

If truth could speak

  would they hear

If it were a light

  would it be bright

Enough to see

  the truth

Should I say what I know

  or wait to see if they see me



It's taking over me

 running to

 not from

Every place

 I go

 It's there

Every turn


Will I find it? Really.

I have never seen so much Che as I did in Rosario. He was everywhere. More than just another revoluntionary. He is a symbol of how perserverance can change history and how such revolutionary change was possible and can be possible again.

Will it find me? Huh.........

Gotta keep moving

 I hope I find it

If I keep moving

 Maybe I'll find it


What would I know?

Something's wrong

Very wrong inside





 moving fast

 moving slow

Freud would say

 it's because of my dad

 that's why I'm so sad

I don't know

 i dont think so

I never knew him

 but, that's what he would say, anyways

What would I know

 he wrote books

He talked a lot

 he wrote a lot

 about people who were sad, mostly

What would I know

I never knew him

I'm sad

 because of my dad?

Guess he knows more than me

 that's what he would say



Not the same

I don't like it

 the way it makes me feel


 when you don't mean it


 when it's insulting


 when you really don't want to

Saying yes

 when inside your screaming no

Lying down

 when you long for the strength to stand


 when it's not real


 when you want to push


 when you want to cry

I really hate it

 the way it makes me feel



 when I burn

 to fight

For myself


A question

What if we were to turn

 everything inside

 from the life behind

 from the world we know

Into one question

What would we ask?

 if no one was listening

 but, everyone we wanted could hear

 the question

What would it be

That one question?



It's what I came here for

I was happy to have a place

Eight months ago

 A goal

It's what I came here for



Do I want to go


What am I going for?

 Another name

 Another goal

Is it just

 Another name

 Another goal

Another place to be

 Where I'm not… now

What am I going for?



The journey to the End

What, Let it out?

Is that what this journey's about

Years, months, weeks, miles

Just to let it out

Is that what this is all about?

Been through a lot

Just to let it out

Knew then

 Needed to find my voice again

So much time has passed

 This far, this long

Just to let it out

Is that what this is all about?

Trueday says:
Finnally got my puter to continue with the blogs - it kept sending me to blank pages. The poetry is profund - made me cry. I love you and I've never said it enough!!!
Posted on: Oct 18, 2008
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