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I was told that the roads were blocked to Potosi. When I bought my ticket to Tarija, I thought the bus was going to go east via Camiri and drop down. I had no idea that the bus was actually going to go through Potosi. Had I known I think I would have chosen to drop all the way down to Yuni. The only problem would be trying to get back via Potosi and down to the border. Although I was a little upset, I think I made the right decision. The bus did head down to Potosi and there was a road block. About 30 minutes from the city, there was a long line of cars and trucks waiting to pass through the road block. We sat there for a long time. Finally the driver drove up closer and skipped the line a bit and stopped. People got out and were just talking a joking in the freezing cold waiting for the road to clear. The moon was amazing as it illuminated the surrounding mountains and valley. Added to the ghostly image was the valley filled with carbon fumes as all the trucks and cars idled and inched forward. I kept asking this girl next to me what happens if the road doesn´t clear, she told me she didn´t know. Not sure how that works as she lives there and must have gone through a road block or two.

After time, the line began to move. This is where it gets a little interesting. People were angry and cold. As vehicles began to pass, the driver moved forward trying to fight itself way in line in front of others. Not exactly sure what happened, but think one truck driver wasn´t having it. I do believe we were hit from behind and pushed a bit. The bus driver definitely was not going to stop, but kept trying to force his way in line. We finally cued up and people began to relax a little.

By this time I was sick as a dog. Not the normal sickness travelers get, but ear and throat infection that was throwing me for a loop. I just wanted to get through this.

Not until we passed had I known what a road block entailed. The miners had dumped several truck loads of dirt and rocks in the middle of the road. It had taken a while for them to clear it and allow vehicles through.

Finally arrived in Potosi, picked up new passengers. Was told that there was trouble on the way to Tarija as well. I was dying. I almost couldn´t handle more. The road was clear though and we arrived in Tarija around 7 a.m. Cold beyond belief, think maybe even a little colder than Potosi.

Got a hostal room, more expensive than I have paid yet with private bath and cable. I crashed until mid-day again. I left the room only to get some food from nearby store. I stayed in bed the entire day and vegged. Couldn´t believe I watched that much cable tv. More than I have watched TV in more than 6 years. I didn´t care. I drifted in and out of sleep nursing myself.

Woke this morning feeling tons better. Tarija is actually a sweet town. I want to do a short tour and see what I can of the town, may be heading to Tupiza in the next couple of days. I´m taking it a lot slower now that I am out of the Sucre, Potosi area.

Will post fotos later.

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photo by: eefab