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Well. I just got back from two weeks  traveling in Washington State and Oregon.  I was traveling with my grandmother and aunt. Part of the time, we stayed with friends, part living out of a van and the rest sleeping on the floor on mats- both interesting but not totally without its comforts.

I moved out of my rented room last month and since have been living out of a suitcase. Soon the suitcase will be turned in for a backpack. This trip to the Pacific northwest was a long-time desire and also a bit of a wake-up call. I've turned in the key to comfort for a backpack and will be living this way for god-knows how long.

The trip was also important because a lot of time was spent exploring in the woods and learning from my aunt different edible plants and mushrooms as well as becoming more familiar with identifying various herbs and plants that can be used for foraging and medicinal purposes.

There is something disturbing about being so 'accustom' to extravagance and the 'comforts' of western life. It seems to me that people are evolving away from being close to the earth. We can see that countries are fighting to obtain and protect those comforts. In the end we will possibly lose them all and will have wandered so far from the earth that we have forgotten how to get back. We will be 6 billion people fighting for the basics of food and shelter and not knowing how to obtain it and totally incapable of working with each other to find our way.

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