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Well, I´ve been in Peru for about a week. I was in Ecuador for almost a month. I spent the last two weeks at Sacred Suenos, a farm that is two hours walk up a mountain outside the town of Vilacabamba.

I met two Canadians and an American guy there. I went to Sacred Suenos to meet a couple I met at Aldeafeliz in Colombia. One was an American guy, the girl was from Canada. He had to travel back to the states and the five of us decided to travel on down to Peru. Well, three of us asked if we could tag along with the two Canadians to Mancora.

We were in Mancora, Peru for four days. What a party beach town that was. We were so dead tired that we just crashed out when we reached the hostal we were looking for..... unfortunately, there was obvious a big concert going on the speakers were on the opposite side of our bathroom. I thought I would never be able to sleep. Thought about just going to see what the music was all about, but we were way too tired. Turns out it was Group 5. We missed them then and also just missed them when they were playing in Chiclayo. It´s great actually. Before I was so freakin´anal about lining up hostals before traveling. Now I just kind wander until I find one or look up one in the travel book and just go. Usually turns out ok. Have stayed in some real dives. Like the one we stayed at in Vilcabamba right before leaving. Our backs were shot because of how bad the beds were and two kids were playing with the largest rat I´ve seen outside in front of the hostal. I think it was sick and it wasn´t moving and the little boys were building like a playground for it in the middle of the street. Too funny.

Mancora was nice. All we did was digest books and lay on the beach. We split off from the two Canadians and the three of us journeyed on to Chiclayo. We were going to do some hiking, but ended up spending most of the day wandering the mercardo modelo and buying herbs from herbalist and brujhas. It was so awesome. We then went to Eco Truly Park near Chacra y Mar. It was a Hare Krishna temple. The place was so amazing. The people were awesome. I could not believe how much food they were growing right on the beach. The eco village was right on the ocean, surrounded by the magnificent mountains. The mountains were like no other I´ve seen before. I never realized that so much of Peru was desert. I´ve hardly seen any green since being here  - much unlike Ecuador where the entire country seems to be incredibly fertile mountains.

We just arrived in Lima and will for one night - maybe two. The other Canadian girl will be leaving in a couple of days and Matt and I will be journeying on together.

So far, I still really prefer Colombia. I am pretty sure I´ll go back. Just not sure when. After this Matt and I will most likely travel to Boliva for a bit and return to Peru.

At least the roads in Peru are better than Ecuador. The way they cut into the mountains is retarded. There are so many landslides and a lot of delays in travel because of this. I thought the littering in Ecuador was bad, but so far Peru is so much worse. I couldn´t believe how much garbage was on the beach, right outside Eco Truly Park. I´m not really sure what I think of Peru. It´s ok. Too many gringos and I actually feel a little more watchful for my things here. Matt got a load of stuff swiped from his bag on the bus while sleeping. My friend told me of the same stuff happened to her while traveling in Peru years ago.

After Lima, we are going to go to Nazca and then head towards either Cuszco or straight to Lake Tittikaka and cross to Boliva. There is another ecovillage I want to see and we may work on a animal rescue center for wild cats. That´s something I never thought I would do.

I´m loving the opportunity to see as much as I am, but I am also becoming a little weary and want to settle in one spot for at least a couple of months. That may have to happen in Argentina. Not sure.

So far, hanging on the beach and especially the experience at Eco Truly have been the highlights since I left Colombia. Aside from learning a ton and getting some really great ideas from RGS in Quito.

Well, until later......

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