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The next day we headed out to explore Venice. We were really just exploring today and our first stop was St Mark's square and surprise suprise St Mark's bascillica. However we didn't go in. We spent a while exploring the square and walking around the rest of the city. It was very beautiful but the national sport seems to be confuse the tourist. The signs pointing to the square go around in circles, the maps are really bad, the canals and streets have no signs. So no surprise we got hopelessly lost. David wasn't feeling well so after a while we attempted to go back to the hotel. We got lost and I've heard a lot of bad things about the lonely planet maps but that day I loved them. We found our way to a vaperetto stop got one stop on and realised we were going the wrong way. So we got off went across a bridge and went to get ice cream wondering exactly why people think that we're together. We met up with the others and headed off to get Chinese again and the Darren, Marty and Andrew went to a classical music concert which I don't like so didn't go. Then a thunderstorm started. Two hours later they stagger in. Marty's first time drinking and he got completely wasted on two glassses of wine. It was hilarious for a while they we wanted to strangle him if he didn't shut up.

Next day we were heading out to Murano and Burano. It was a very good trip. The demonstration of glass blowing was amazing and all the shops selling the glass made it very easy to buy presents for my whole family including a dolphin statue for my sister who had back surgery a week before I came. We had lunch in a nice cafe and headed off to Burano. We didn't do much here but look aorund the lace shops and bearing in mind I was with 4 guys they were more interested than I was. However the best thing about Burano was the multi coloured houses. I swear this is the set of Balamory if I didn't know it is in Scotland. But it certainly livened the place up. We headed back and Marty, Darren and Andrew went off again. Same result as last time only this time I had my camera ready to take a video of it. Darren and Andrew had to be up early the next morning to get their plane back home their three week tour of Europe was over. And yes there was a thunderstorm see why we think there was someone cursing us.

The next day we headed to the archeological museum which was fascinating. At one point Venice ruled the Mediterean, I can't spell that, and it was fascinating to see all the remnants of that and of Marco Polo's adventures. I had decided to go home early and had a flight back booked for two days. We spent a good few hours in the very interstng museum learning about just howf ar Venice's influence stretched. I din't think it strecthed as far as it did. Luckily no thunderstorm and we headed off to get dinner and then back to the hotel to sleep

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photo by: asturjimmy