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We all had preconcieved notions of Florence but not very many of them were fufilled unfortunately. The home of the Renaissance wasn't particularly beautiful and every other building was a hotel which was unbelieveably annoying. We never did make it to see David which may have contributed. We got there quite late as we had to get a train to Naples, then Rome, and then Florence. We got a triple hotel room and then headed out to get food. We were eating one meal a day and even then we weren't particularly hungry. We ate at Grotto de Lion which had lovely food and it was really cheap. We ate there every night.

The next day we were out to wander around Florence and we heard about a Di Vinci exhibit. We went along and it was a exhibit of replicas of his inventions. They looked so cool an early tank etc. It was amazing to see how good they were he was very skilled. We then went exploring. We went to the Duomo but didn't really fancy going inside. I think we were slightly sick of churches by this point. We sat outside it trying to recover from the insane Florence heat. We were getting pestered by all the stupid beggers who just would not leave us alone especially this one woman. So we escaped back to the hotel and air conditioning. Then headed out for dinner at our favourite restaraunt.

The next day we wanted to go across the bridge to see a different side to Florence. We saw a really cool looking building and headed inside. Still not sure what it was but we thought it might have been a council place or something it certainly looked like one. It also had an amazing museum and some very interesting statues of people wrestling it all looked very painful.If anyone can tell me what it was that would be good. We explored more of that area then went back to the hotel. We'd moved to another hotel which was two star but amazing as compared to our first which was three star but absolutely rubbish. They got the rating system screwed up. We were just about to head out to eat when it started raining very heavily. So we held off for a couple of hours until it stopped.

Next day was our last day in Florence. We had planned to go see museums but slept in. Well me and David did Marty doesn't believe in sleeping past seven. We went out just to look around after we saw the queue to see David. A couple of hours of beggars later we went back to the museum, the queue had died down but being from Belfast we knew what the large grey clouds meant. We started heading back to the hotel rather than stand in the queue in the rain. We ended up running halfway across Florence when we got caught in the rain. We had to wait for it to stop and wondering if the conversation we had about how the Bible may not be exactly accurate wa possibly the cause of the thunderstorms. After the next three days of the same thing we were pretty convinced that was the cause. So we headed out for our last meal in Florence the people saw us coming and had three places set out before we had even sat down. Oh well


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photo by: spocklogic