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The chivalrous attitude that Argentines exude is something worth commending.  Everyone is chivalrous here, not just the male population.  Let me explain why I feel this way.  I was on the bus one day, nonchalantly minding my own business when a pregnant Argentine woman comes and sits in the open seat next to me.  After a couple stops the seats on the bus are all filled and only standing room is available.  An elderly woman with a cane gets on the bus at the next stop and walks towards the middle of the bus.  Since my stop was a long ways off, I had decided to take a little snooze, when all of a sudden I felt a tap on my arm.  I opened my eyes to see the pregnant lady tell me to get up and move in Spanish.  Since I was the one sitting by the window, it was kind of a shock at first.  Who is going to say no to a pregnant woman or to a grandmother with a cane?  Not me.  I decided to acquiesce to the lady’s request and got up and stood the rest of the trip before I got off the bus. 


This wasn’t the only case where I had seen Argentine chivalry being displayed.  I had noticed an elderly woman earlier being helped to her home with groceries by another gentleman and a lot of men have held doors open for ladies here.  Why isn’t this displayed in the United States to the same extent?  Why are we, in general, so self-centered back home while people here are more well-mannered than us?  These people for the most part are not as well of as we are, yet they still manage to retain their manners.  I shouldn’t say that everyone back home isn’t well-mannered because I know some people who should be commended, but chivalry is definitely something that we need to improve on. 


Before I point my finger at others, I need to better myself first.  I know my chivalry could use a little work.  I do tend to take things for granted because I’m young.  Youth and good health are a blessing and I should do my best to try and help out those who are not in the same position as me.  Besides that, it is polite to hold doors or get up to seat an elderly person.  What goes around comes around, so I might not realize it now, but once I get to be a certain age, hopefully younger people will be more considerate of me as well.
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