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9.28.07 - Friday

Day at sea. We debriefed our time in Lisbon after breakfast. Then we had a “crash” emergency drill, followed by a man overboard drill. Leman, our 1st mate, actually jumped into the sea - with a life preserver, of course. Then after rescuing him, we turned off the engine and went swimming. We tied to fenders “buoys” together and went tubing. Also we tied a rope off the mainsail and swung ourselves off the boat into the sea. The waves were huge swells.

Afterwards I took a quick shower, then we were back to sailing. I had 2 ½ hours left of watch, then we watched Nacho Libre in the saloon. I thought of John and “Fire and Ice wrestling”. Afterwards we were all feeling soo rowdy - me especially, so we wrestled each other.

I attempted to get several people with my “signature” move - the freezer, which was putting my ice pack on their backs. I even gave Duffy a titty twister. Lets just say it was a fun night at sea.

9.29.07 - Saturday

Woke up feeling like I had a fever. I was so soar from yesterday. Plus we had rough seas, so I wasn’t feeling so good. We saw huge dolphins today - over 30 of them were competing for a spot in front of the bow. It was incredible!

9.30.07 - Sunday

Woke up at 5:30am for watch duty. We sailed through the Straights of Gibraltar - Afica and Spain was in pain sight. I saw my first sunrise - It was beautiful! We arrived in Malaga, Spain around 8:30am.

A lighthouse is directly next to our boat and a castle is at our stern. Our port is in an industrial area. There are cargo and cruise ships, as well as an old pirate ship. We had to turn clocks forward 1 hour b/c of the time change. I took a shower, wrote in my journal, and rested until we went into town as a large group. We packed lunch and ate in the park. The city is beautiful. We definitely are in a ritzy touristy area. We toured the castle that was nearby then back to the boat for work duties. After dinner we played games onboard - signs, snort, and can’t touch me. The guys did flips off the mainsail and played tag, others watched a movie. I went to bed.

10.01.07 - Monday

Today was a day off. Dan, Elena and I went into town, Elena went in the internet café.

Dan got a hair cut. I checked my email, then we ate lunch at Burger King. After that we went to the Post Office and then did some serious shopping. I bought soo much stuff! I bought a phone card and was able to call dad. We talked for about 12 minutes, then we got disconnected. I was out of minutes and couldn’t call him back. After dinner I went up on deck and was able to get internet. It was a slow connection. After three hours of frustration, I was able to download Skype just before going to bed.

10.02.07 - Tuesday

Today was a day off. My cabin finished up our laundry and then went to the Picasso Museum. It was amazing! Lots of creative ideas were running through my mind. Then we went shopping. We found soo many cool shops…. I now have a favorite clothing designer - .

Thankfully they have a web-site. I will definitely be ordering on-line once I return to the states. I love the fashion here. It’s incredible! We went to a local café and ate lunch. I had a lemon slurpie and a baguette with brie and sweet onions - delicious! We continued to shop and sightsee. It was a great afternoon.

10.03.07 - Wednesday

Today was a long day of teaching. Erika discussed Evangelism and living out the gospel in our lives, then Brian started his teaching on the fatherheart of God. After lunch we had 4 hours of work duty. I painted the bow of the boat and vacuumed the saloon.

This evening was a very difficult time for me. I was seriously thinking about dropping out of the program after what happened. After dinner I was exhausted and asked if I could go to bed and instead of doing the group activity which was to hang out at the beach or in town.

They told me no, that I had to leave the boat. I argued that I was exhausted and needed to lay down and still I was told that I had to go. I could not believe what I was hearing and the fact that we have such an unrealistic schedule/program.

I don’t think I’m supposed to leave, but at times I want to. Mainly because of the schedule. Basically I have to be up at 7:30am and then we have worship and lectures til 1pm . We get at 15 and 20 minute break in between, then at 1pm we have lunch. After that we have either 4 hours of maintenance/work duties, sailing training or small group activities. Then at 6pm we have dinner. OK so after going for 11 hours straight you’d think we’d have the evenings off to rest - but NO then we have more training, prayer or small groups until 10pm.

Basically our schedule consists of 14 hour days, which is really wearing on me.

After being forced to go to the beach for 2 hours, I went back to the boat and talked to Cassie. She prayed for me - it really helped. I was able to calm down and go to bed no longer upset.

10.04.07 - Thursday

After a long morning of teaching I met with Erika and the DTS leader to discuss how I was feeling. I explained that I was exhausted. I asked for grace and the opportunity to go to bed when I’m too exhausted. The leader was not the least bit compassionate or understanding. She basically said that this is the expectation and she would not make any compromises. She said that I could leave the program if I didn’t think it was working out….

There have been a few things I’ve seen and experienced from this leader that has bothered me and made me question her motives… I don’t have time to go into detail, but if you could just pray for God to work in this situation, for the relationship with the leader, and to give me rest and strength to continue the program.

I feel I am supposed to be here with all my heart. It’s just very difficult for me at times…..

10.05.07 - Friday

We had morning classes, then after lunch Meg and I went for a short walk. We had a great talk as we walked along the pier. There are several stray cats throughout the city and also along the pier. Their home is under the rocks and bushes. During the day you’ll find then sleeping in the shade and at night they’re running about looking for food. At 2:00pm we had 2 hours of sail training with Cassie. It was all very confusing. After work duties Etienne, Meinhard, Makayla, Matt, and I went to play Frisbee on the beach. After dinner I colored my hair. Elena laughed at me as I made faces in the mirror. My hair turned gray… She was calling me granny… I was cracking up.

I didn’t care much because I knew it would eventually wash out and the sun would lighten it again. I was able to make a quick call home to my mom, before evening prayer… then off to bed.

10.06.07 - Saturday

Elizabeth led the mornings teaching on intercession. Brian followed with the Fatherheart of God. That afternoon our activity was to go into the city and look for one person to pray for. Also to prayer walk - praying for the city as we walked around. We broke up into teams of three. Dan, Duffy, and I went to the park. We talked to a homeless man who was washing his clothes in a nearby fountain. Then we met a man from Germany who was on a BMW motorcycle tour for two weeks. He was absolutely gorgeous and 6’7. We prayed for him then heading back to the boat to debrief.

After work duties I took a 40 minute power nap, then ate dinner. Afterwards I checked my email before our small group meeting.

10.07.07 - Sunday

After morning teaching and lunch, we were given free time. I took a nap then went into town with Elena. Dan caught up with us. We found the mall, although it was closed. Basically the whole town was shut down because it was Sunday. I was able to go to the Modern Art Museum. I got lots of cool ideas for art projects. After dinner I sat on deck and tried to get WiFi - with no luck, so I journaled instead.

10.8.07 - Monday

Woke up at 7:15am to get my laundry. I was surprised to find that all my clothes had been folded. Later I found out that my DTS leader had done so. I guess this was her way of making a peace offering.

I thought it was a nice gesture, so I made sure to say, “Thank you“. We only had a few hours left in port, so I took a walk through town. It was still somewhat dark and I was a little concerned walking alone, although most streets were full of people walking to get to work. Several cats were running about as well. The store I walked to was not open til 9am, so I left and went to the beach to get pictures of the sun rising above the sea.

I ran into Dan. He and I walked around and took photos together. Dan mentioned seeing a homeless women who was sleeping on the beach. He said that often he’d find her praying. We went to find her so I could possibly take a photo of her. She was kneeling on a blanket with her hands raised to the heavens, praying to God.

I was still a quite distance away -not wanting to disturb her. For a moment I looked down at my feet, and there was a bouquet of fresh flowers in a plastic glass of water. I felt the Lord say, “Give these flowers to this women. So in obedience I walked over to her and sat the flowers on her mat along with a few Euros. I felt a huge sense of shame in this women and that she felt worthless. I spoke blessings over her, but she didn’t respond. Tears was streaming down her face. I smiled and then walked away.

Later that day I found out Lydia had just prayed with her 30 minutes before I visited her. For three days Lydia tried to talk to this women and brought her food. Each day the woman would not say a word or even look Lydia in the face. But today, the day we were to set sail, this woman spoke to Lydia.

She said she didn’t deserve Lydia’s kindness or God’s love. Lydia, of course, lovingly told her that she had worth and was valuable in God’s eyes. They prayed together, then before Lydia left, the woman jumped up and went over to her mat. She brought a flower and gave it to Lydia. I was amazed that she gave one flower, then God gave her a whole bouquet. It’s so true that God blesses us ten-fold when we bless others.

At 10am we set sail for Ibiza. It was a beautiful day. The water was like glass and you could see clear to the bottom. Tiny dolphins played along our bow. We had a dance party on deck. After dinner we gathered on deck and took communion together. We worshiped and prayed. It was glorious! Then everyone went into the saloon to watch the video I made.

Everyone laughed. They loved it so much they asked to see it again. Also we watched a movie, The world’s fastest Indian, that was filmed in Remaliah’s home town. It was soo good. It made me think of my dad. Also of how important it is to be kind to everyone and in return they will be a blessing to you. It was a reminder that we all need each other to get through life and its obstacles.


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